The President Is Failing On His First Terrorist Test

Let’s call these pirates what they are – terrorists.  Is this how the Obama administration plans to deal with terrorist attacks in the future?  The President has made no statement as of yet.  He should have been on television yesterday announcing to the world that we will not allow our cargo ships to be taken over in this way.  For 200 years we have not had a pirate attack on an American flagged shipping vessel and now that we have a lily-livered paper tiger in charge, the world feels emboldened.  I have warned both here and on my radio program that we are in danger of some kind of terrorist attack in the future because we have lost our standing in the world and have a weak leader who is weakening our defenses.

Thomas Jefferson refused to deal with the Barbary Coast pirates.  These terrorists should have been picked off one by one the minute the captain jumped from the lifeboat.  He gave the military their opportunity and it was blown.  And I’m willing to bet that the Navy’s hands have been tied by Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.  And if our leadership pays the $2 million ransom, every other American ship whether it is cargo or a pleasure cruise is in dire danger.

 A comment left at Fox News’ website says, ” I wonder why they felt confident at this point and time in attacking a U.S. ship? Three or four guys in a small boat holding an American hostage, surrounded by our military, this is unbelievable. This President and his administration have put our country in great danger, and I believe this is just the beginning. I only hope that our military guys are running this show and not having to wait for direction from Nancy Pelosi. Thank you Mr. President! We need to send a strong message to the world that in spite of all the bowing down and weakness in leadership that this President has demonstrated , we will not tolerate these attacks. Our military marksmen need to take aim at each of the terrorists, pull the trigger and pray that the Captain survives. Why have we waited so long?”

I heard a caller on a radio program suggest something none of us wants to think about and that is sacrificing the captain to take this terrorists out especially since they appear to be flocking to the showdown.  America cannot afford to come off bad during this crisis and test.  But I have no faith in our President.  And what is worse is that the French actually staged a rescue attempt of their hostages and got three of them back.  This is pathetic.


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