George Soros Talking Economy And Dollar – Run For Your Lives!

George Soros is out trying to kill the dollar just like he did the pound.  This libtard is known to manipulate markets and this is yet another attempt by him to stick his fingers in where they should not be and it can only spell trouble for America.  Soros claims that the U.S. economy is in for a “lasting slowdown”.  He also foresees a crash like the one Japan experienced.  And I believe Soros would like to help that along.

Soros was on Reuters Financial Television Monday and warned that rescuing U.S. banks could turn them into “zombies” that would draw on the economy and would prolong the economic slowdown.

George Soros

“I don’t expect the U.S. economy to recover in the third or fourth quarter so I think we are in for a pretty lasting slowdown,” Soros said, adding that in 2010 there might be “something” in terms of U.S. growth.

A majority of economists disagree with Soros and I would listen to them before I would ever listen to this evil man.  Yes I said it – he’s evil.  Most economists expect the U.S. economy to stop contracting in the third quarter and that the economywould resume growing in the fourth quarter.

The recovery will look like “an inverted square root sign,” Soros said. “You hit bottom and you automatically rebound some, but then you don’t come out of it in a V-shape recovery or anything like that. You settle down—step down.  The banking system, as a whole, is basically insolvent.”

My advice is that America kick George Soros out just like Britain did and let him live on some distant island somewhere where his conniving cannot harm anyone or any country. 


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