Obama Sells Out America On G20 Tour

Just watched our illustrious leader giving his speech alongside President Sarkozy of France.  Talk about looking robotic and lost!  I know he is sick, but at least ry to fake like you know what you are talking about.  Is the Teleprompter jammed.  I believe he took several with him so just change it out.  His gesturing is off and looks haphazard.

And then we have him kissing the arse of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  Yes, the same place that supplied most of the 9/11 terrorists.  President Bush holds his hands and Obama bows to him in subservience.  Is this perhaps from his Muslim upbringing?  Something he was trained to do…

The Presdident also sold us out to a new global world order on the money front promising more money we do not have to the IMF.  He also spent alot of time apologizing to the world for America and trying to convince them we have changed because of him.  Somebody get him back here quick before the Soviet Anthem truly does become our anthem.


One response to “Obama Sells Out America On G20 Tour

  1. yuck. just yuck. maybe he gave him his cold.

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