The Obama Budget Fight Is On!

This week the monstrosity that Barack Obama has called his “Budget” is coming to a vote in Congress.  Last week, we witnessed much debate over the specifics in the budget and we witnessed the Republicans’ amendments and ideas get shot down.  The Heritage Foundation has a ton of great information on the different areas of the budget to arm yourself with and can be found here.

The Congressional Budget Office has even come out against the Obama Budget.  They are non-partisan and are the experts in this area.  The President would do well to listen to them.

Also, the President accused the Republicans of shooting down his budget and not presenting an idea of their own.  That all changed last week as the GOP unveiled their Republican Road to Recovery.  You can download a copy of that here.  The Republican leadership also held a press conference last week explaining their ideas.  Investor’s Business Daily has written a great article on the Republican Budget and here is an excerpt:

“Similarly, Ronald Reagan’s response to the deep recession early in his presidency was to cut income tax rates by 25% and lower the capital gains tax rate to 20% from 25%. A massive expansion ensued, extending well beyond his two terms. Today, House Minority Leader John Boehner, GOP Conference chairman Mike Pence and their colleagues want to prescribe the same medicine for what ails us.  With Democrats trying to sneak a sweeping overhaul of the country’s medical system into law, including a government-run health plan that would unfairly compete against private insurers, the GOP is offering ‘tax incentives for millions more working families and small-business owners to obtain access to coverage.’ The GOP plan would also let people ‘shop across state lines to purchase affordable policies that best meet their needs.'”

This is the time now to call the representatives in Washington and tell them that we do not stand behind this budget that will leave not only myself, but everyone’s children and grandchildren in debt for the rest of their lives.  And this Democrat budget very well could leave America as a second-rate country instead of the world leader that we should be.


2 responses to “The Obama Budget Fight Is On!

  1. If we wish to discuss budget issues, what about the cost of the entourage of 500 people going to the UK w/Obama? 500 people! Is he nuts??Where is it in the budget that the Immigration and Customs guys get to go with him — and the White House chefs? And 200 Secret Service? 200??? WTF?

  2. We’ve been bombarded over the past several weeks with nonstop bad news. It’s rocking the nation and the world. Our attention has been focused upon $50 billion ponzie scheme scandals and $150 billion dollar Insurance company bailouts, $700 billion bank bailouts, auto bailouts, mortgage company bailouts, trillion dollar deficits, multi-billion dollar bonuses, and it goes on and on. Every day we have to listen to Obama or his gloom- and- doom prophets (clowns) explain to us about one imminent crisis after another which threaten our nation. It’s like a broken record that just keeps saying over and over that the entire world as we know it will end if we don’t just shut up and accept the schemes dreamed up by the government and implement them immediately to avoid disaster. It’s impossible for the average person to keep track of this crap and process it. Therefore, we’re expected to just trust in them.

    Now it’s another $634 billion for some kind of health care plan which has no specifics or details. If it has no details or specifics then I can say with confidence that it isn’t a plan.

    There is no plan for anything except the plan that they have to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat America. That’s their plan. It’s a counter-culture plan. First they have to bankrupt us. They are the ones who should be disrupted, dismantled, and defeated. We can not afford to lose sight of that. They are a bunch of radicals and we should round them up and put dog collars and leashes on them. Yeah I know, that sounds pretty radical, too. (a collar and leash would look good on Pelosi, heh heh…) But fighting fire with fire has been proven to be pretty effective in preventing the spread of wildfires.

    How far would that $634 billion go in saving the emergency services and hospitals which have been shut down, disrupted, dismantled, and defeated because of overwhelming numbers of illegal aliens. They are depleting our resources, wearing out our facilities, and directly contributing to the crumbling of our infrastructure. We should devote a trillion dollars to taking care of that problem.

    We should keep our eyes on our real problems and not be duped by imaginary solutions offered by posturing pretenders such as Obama (who is no more than a token and lackey himself) and those other dysfunctional enemies of the state who are hell-bent on crippling the America we know and love.

    It seems that every move he makes reminds me of some words you shared with us a few months ago, Diane. Something about revolutionary change being facilitated by people who are made to feel so frustrated, so lost and futureless in a prevailing system that they passively let go of the past and allow the change to occur. Something about it being an inside job. I can’t remember the exact words. I think you were using some words from one of their own playbooks which dealt with convincing people that they are powerless so that they will submit to every decision and choice you make for them.

    Now would be a good time to reiterate those things to your readers.

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