McCain Talks About Palin On Meet The Press 3-29-09

I would just like to inform Senator McCain that the groundswell movement of conservatives wanting to take back the GOP and renew it to core conservative principles that made it a once great party would like for him to shut the hell up and that we could care less what he sees as the GOP’s future or who he would like to see as president.  You blew it this Fall and you blew it because you are no conservative and tried to bamboozle the Republicans into thinking you were leaning that way.  particularly with the Sarah Palin pick as running mate.  But your actions since losing the campaign both in your political moves and treatment of Palin have been eye opening.

Senator McCain appeared on “Meet the Press” with David Gregory on Sunday and he was asked a series of questions on the direction the GOP should go in the future and who he saw in leadership.  McCain said that he likes the current division in the Party and thinks it is a positive thing.  Does anyone believe that?  He does not want the conservatives getting a foothold and he knows it.  He claims that he is ready to work with the President on immigration reform and since we know they both favor amnesty, that is not a plus in my book.  Gregory played a tape of some Republican Startegist named Mike Murphy who claimed that Reagan would not win in today’s demographic.  Why, because our country has left its principles?  This man is a bonehead. 

Finally, Gregory asked McCain if he would support Sarah Palin in 2012 if she decided to run for president and he said, “I’d like to see Sarah compete…I’d have to see who the candidates are and what the situation is at the time.”  To any thinking conservative that means, “No.”  This man still thinks he got the conservative vote because of himself.  I myself tell people that I voted for Sarah Palin, not McCain.


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