Patient’s Rights Group Urges Americans To Scrutinize Obama’s Healthcare Plan

Rick Scott, who founded the group Conservatives for Patients’ Rights Action Group, has directed the group to launch an ad campaign asking “we the people” to pay attention and demand that Congress not approve the $634 billion health care plan that is part of Obama’s putrid budget.  Particularly since that plan has no architecture for the plan or details.  Scott pointed out that the President has not provided any specifics on the plan.  All we have heard the President say about this number in his budget is that it is some kind of downpayment.
Scott said in a statement, “After the embarrassment of the AIG bonus scandal, these same people are now talking about ramming a $634 billion health care plan through Congress, and we still don’t have any details.  It makes no sense. Congress is being asked to appropriate $634 billion for a plan neither it nor the public has seen. We are talking here about changing health care for every American with no debate. It should not be fast-tracked, the American people have the right to read the President’s plan before our representatives are asked to appropriate over $600 billion of our hard earned money.”  But this is the way Barack Obama has ruled his little country.  No details needed, just listen to his grandiose rhetoric and follow along.  What could possibly go wrong?
Scott also added, “This is the same expedited process that took place with the stimulus plan, that lead to the surprises over the AIG bonuses. I say no more surprises! Congress should slow down and reject the $634 billion in health care spending until they have seen the details.”  I say they should reject the Obama Budget period and adopt the GOP’s budget, but fat chance of that even getting to see the light of day.
Supposedly, President Barack Obama plans to pay for his universal healthcare with tax increases and payments from insurers, hospitals, doctors and drug manufacturers.  The truth is that the American people will all be paying for this “free” healthcare and I am not just referring to monetary payment.


5 responses to “Patient’s Rights Group Urges Americans To Scrutinize Obama’s Healthcare Plan

  1. The Center Square

    “Scott pointed out that the President has not provided any specifics on the plan. All we have heard the President say about this number in his budget is that it is some kind of downpayment.”

    Shouldn’t a decision to support or oppose Obama’s plan wait until this is known? Mr. Scott announcing his group’s opposition now seems premature and to be without basis.

    • Your logic seems hazy. It only takes some common sense to know that if somebody is asking for $600+ billion dollars, they better give you a detailed plan or there should be no support. I would never endorse something without details. We must always come down on the side of rejection when talking about this kind of money. As Mr. Scott pointed out – we got screwed with AIG and that detail was in the plan, its just nobody read it.

      Surely you must realize that this is in the budget to be voted on this week and nobody has said that the president has a plan forthcoming in that time.

  2. I don’t consider it very reasonable to expect the American people to spend their money on a downpayment for something which is lacking in detail or specifics. Would a reasonable person make a downpayment on a very expensive brand new automobile or house without knowing what kind it is or how big it is or what color it is? This is simply another one of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid socialist agenda programs which they intend to shove down our throats whether we like it or not. I don’t believe we can take much more of this garbage. We really shouild not wait until November 2010 to do something about these insidious no-gooders. They should be taken out now. Interpret that in way you want.

  3. The Center Square

    No support without details: I agree with you. The criticism that I have of Scott is that he proposes opposition before the details are released. Can we agree that is not right?

    • Yes. I think he just wants to get a jump on this thing since the budget will be voted on this week. It would be nice if the President would put out a healthcare plan before that happens.

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