Appalachian Coalminers To Lose Jobs Thanks To Obama

President Obama has stated that he is going to save or create up to 4 million jobs, but it seems to me that more and more jobs are being lost.  IBM announced yesterday that they would be laying off 5,000 people.  And now, thanks to the climate change freaks and President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency, 77,000 Appalachian coalminers are in danger of losing their jobs.  Expressing “serious concerns” about our environment, the EPA announced it was putting mountaintop mining permits on hold.  The National Mining Association (NMA) has said that this action may eliminate high-paying jobs in what is already a relatively poor area of the country.
“Jeopardizing coal mining activity throughout Appalachia will put more than 77,000 high-wage mining jobs at risk at a time when our nation is already battered by a deepening recession,” said NMA President and CEO Hal Quinn. “This action is incomprehensible at a time when the country is losing 600,000 jobs every month and households are struggling just to meet basic needs.”
The EPA does not approve of mountaintop mining because of the potentially harmful impacts on water quality.  Two specific coal mine operations have been targeted in West Virginia and Kentucky.  EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson said, “EPA will use the best science and follow the letter of the law in ensuring we are protecting our environment.”  
The liberal group Earthjustice’s attorney, Jennifer Chavez, said,  “This is a strong signal that the Obama administration is taking the right steps towards recognizing the importance of sound science and the law when it comes to mountaintop removal mining.”  Sound science?!  Yeah, like all that sound science on global warming.  She continued that the EPA’s actions “demonstrate a fresh perspective on the need to completely review the destructive impact that mountaintop removal mining has on streams and water quality throughout Appalachia. This is a victory for the people of Appalachia and for one of the most fundamental goals of the Clean Water Act: to prevent our entire nation’s rivers, streams and lakes from being used as waste dumps.”
The NMA’s Quinn, “The EPA is holding up lawful permits for operations that are responsible for providing affordable coal-based electricity for 77 million households throughout the East. This action is bad for American jobs and for American energy security.”

Not to mention bad for our energy bills.  So much for saving these jobs.  Did you hear Obama’s response to a question today at his online townhall when a woman asked if overseas jobs would be coming home to America soon?  He basically said they would not be and we do not need them because he is going to be creating other jobs like jobs for electricians.  I think the jobs he is planning to create have everything to do with his Corps and nothing to do with the private sector.  He needs to have as many people working for the government as possible so they will vote for him in 2012 so they can keep their jobs.


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