War On Terror Now An Overseas Contingency Operation

As the Obama administration continues to roll back terms like “enemy combatant” and “War on Terror” and makes decisions to close Gitmo, one has to question just how secure we really are anymore.  A memo was sent to the Pentagon from the Department of Defense ordering an end to the phrase “Global War on Terror” and requesting that the phrase “Overseas Contingency Operation” be used instead.  This ambiguous term could mean anything from food drops to playing footsie with terrorist leaders as far as I am concerned.  Does the Obama administration really believe that terrorism is not a serious danger to us anymore?  Based on all the recent moves to overturn everything President Bush had set up, the only clear answer is, “Yes”.

The Obama administration had already turned to this downplay of the “War on Terror” last month having used the “Global Contingency Operation” phrase several times. Craig W. Duehring, assistant secretary of the Air Force for manpower, also used the new phrase last week when he said,  “Key battlefield monetary incentives has allowed the Air Force to meet the demands of overseas contingency operations even as requirements continue to grow,” during  Congressional testimony.

Wake me up when the insanity stops!


8 responses to “War On Terror Now An Overseas Contingency Operation

  1. This man is afraid of these terrorists. He is catering to there every need and I think he will soon end the war on terror. This is just another step he has taken to try to make them happy. It is very dangerous to have a presdient such as this man.

  2. Obama said he was ending the war; this is one way to do it, declare the word taboo. I hope the extremists who are after America buy in to the idea that we aren’t in a war anymore. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

    • Scott, who would have ever guessed that this would be the way Obama ended the War on terror – he’s our hero! *gag*

  3. I’m not the least bit surprised by such linguistic chicanery. However, it does add to my already burgeoning concerns over the direction these clowns, clodhoppers, and jackasses are attempting to take this nation.

    What a perfectly sensible way to bring an end to something – simply eliminate it from our speech and then just call it something else. It seems to me they believe that we will see no evil and hear no evil if everyone is required to speak no evil. Something learned from three wise monkeys.

    Now if they can just get all of us to catch on to some of their other new terms. You know, like instead of saying ‘terrorism’ say ‘man-caused disaster’ or perhaps ‘human-caused disaster’ which I suppose would logically lead us to call a terrorist a ‘human disaster causer’ or a ‘disaster perpetrator’ or something like that. You see then there would no longer be terrorism or terrorists.

    And if everyone would just begin saying ‘undocumented immigrants’ or ‘undocumented workers’ instead of ‘illegal aliens’ or ‘foreign invaders’ then we could get rid of those pesky border patrol troublemakers. Then we could concentrate on going after all the firearms and firearm manufacturers here in the US and all the people Hillary Clinton recently spoke of in this country who have unsatiable appetites for illegal drugs from Mexico since they are the ones who are equally responsible for the violence being commited by the drug cartels which is now spilling over into our country.

    And since they really don’t know if it should be called ‘global warming’ or ‘global cooling’ they won’t have to worry about being wrong if we’d just call it ‘climate change’ and accept the fact that it’s our fault (but not China’s or India’s)which I suppose would logically implicate us as the human disaster causers (formerly known as terrorists) who must be stopped. Hmmm…I guess that’s why that Overseas Contingency Operation was launched against us on 9/11 by those…those…just what the hell are we supposed to call those guys in proper Obamese?

    • Amen John! I truly believe that Obama thinks that if he says something, it makes it so. For example, he claims that his Porkulus Bill is already giving us results and then we wait…and wait…and wait for him to actually show these results. Where are the pictures, the numbers, the projects? It doesn’t work on the non-Kool-Aid drinkers.

  4. My impression is that to the Obama administration, everything that Bush did was wrong, and they must so the opposite to be correct. But when you get into some of these things, they find they have to do pretty much what Bush did, so they do the next best thing, and rename or redefine it. Thus the silly Overseas contingency operation.

    Janet Napolitano, new Homeland Security Chief, former Arizona Gov.,refused to call 9/11 terrorism. In an interview with Der Spiegel, she called it a “man-caused disaster.” She said that this was “perhaps only a nuance, but it demonstrates that we want to move away from the politics of fear.”
    Then of course there are the welfare payments that are now called “tax cuts,” spending becomes “investing. ” Time to get out a copy of Orwell’s 1984. Amazing the things you find in there.

  5. Look at the pace at which they are attempting to move this nation toward conditions which will be unbearably oppressive. When will sufficient numbers of us decide that the time to act has arrived?

    If they are allowed much longer to continue what they are doing, then it’s foolish and naive to believe that the time to act will be during the 2010 elections.

    Enough anger and discontent will build up before then that social upheaval will begin. First here, then there, then everywhere like so many tightly packed little powder kegs. But the anger and dissent will be directed at the wrong targets. We’ll be fighting and quarreling amongst ourselves and many people will be going after social and political scapegoats created by our current government. Before you know it they’ll have their anticipated justification to step in, disarm us, declare martial law in various places if not everywhere, and suspend elections. Of course by then they’ll have control of our banks and our businesses. So much for the inevitable electoral coup. It will have been short-circuited.

    They won’t have to be overly concerned about members of our military forces staging a military coup either because they’ll all be preoccupied and totally engaged in a new “overseas contingency operation” in Afghanistan and Pakistan which will make the past six years look like a cakewalk. It could very well turn out to be the kind of “overseas contingency operation” that in former days would have been called full-scale war or world war! The resulting war casualties will fuel the flames of civil unrest among us. It shouldn’t require much of our imagination to picture what will be happening along the border with Mexico and in the urban areas of California and our southwestern states. Wonder what China and Russia and North Korea will be up to then? It’s beginning to appear to me that this is what these polital con artists want!

    American Tea Parties? Yeah, sure. That’s actually a great idea but such protests better send an extremely loud and clear message. Those fellows in Boston back in 1773 took direct action. They dumped three shiploads of tea into the sea! Little tea bags and dissentious speeches is not going to accomplish what needs to bge done. But I do think April 15th is the right day for it – the right day for for a few million people or more to refuse to file tax returns.

    Too bold of an idea? Too dangerous? Too radical? Too much sacrifice because we need those tax rebates? Then the hell with it. In my opinion nothing of great value is worth having and cherishing if it doesn’t require some sacrifice. Our new mantra should then be “No we can’t.” Just accept the “change”…and “hope” for the best.

    If we don’t do something fast and effectively I’ll tell you what you can do with your hope. You can put all your hope in your left hand and then take a crap in your right hand and then look to see which one is “full-filled” first!

    By the way, Diane – Thank you very much for the work you are doing! You are a true American and patriot. When they begin to come after us and shut us down for speaking out I will be thinking of you.

  6. President Obama’s wanting to use the phrase Oveseas Contingency Operation instead of Global War on Terror shows that he believes terrorism is not as grteat a threat as once shown to be. It also send a signal to our tropps fighting the war that the mentality and phiosophy have changed. He wants to use more diplomacy and negotiations in this area, but sometimes you have to get tough, real tough, and do whatever is needed to stomp out evil.

    He has weakened the U.S overseas by his caving in to the Russians if they help us with Iran. He doesn’t know how to deal sternly with North Korea, and there are so many other instances of lack of leadership, they all can’t be listed here.

    He caves in to Chaves, Ortega, Castro, and others, and by his releasing the recent memos, he sends a signal to our allies – be careful with sensitive information, we might just give it up. He’s more concerned with popularity than security. Maybe he should rethink his actions and the words of his oath – protect and defend.

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