Today Is The Third Anniversary Of The Day The Fed Went Secret

 Today marks an auspicious anniversary that most Americans do not know about and probably could care less about, but it is significant to the life of this great country.  It has been three years since the Federal Reserve announced its decision to stop reporting to the public the M3 money supply  The M3 is the the broadest measure of three standards of measurement and basically tells the public exactly how much money has been printed and how much is circulating in the money supply.  We all know why this reporting was ended.  Because the government and the Fed were about to start printing money as fast as they could to cover our debt that has only continued to grow.  The world and business would be in a complete panic if they knew the truth of how insolvent America has become. 

And now we have monetized our own debt.  Last Wednesday the Fed infused the money supply with $1.2 trillion out of thin air.  These same signs happened in Germany before Hitler came to power.  People need to wake up!  How much value does the dollar have anymore?  The buying power of our earnings is quickly shrinking.  Wait until we have to take wheelbarrows of money to the store with us to buy our groceries.

The Federal Reserve’s justification for no longer reporting the M3 numbers was that it would save them $1.5 million annually.

World Net Daily quoted author Jerry Robinson, who wrote “Bankrupcy of Our Nation”, as saying, “You would think that such a broad economic and inflation indicator would be continually produced, analyzed and monitored.  However, when the announcement came, it fell on deaf ears. This bold new move by the Fed caused some stir among economists, but it never received any real media coverage.”

These emergency manipulations of our economy will lead to more devaluation of the dollar.  Another depression must surely be coming our way.


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