Someone Tell President Obama The Campaign Is Over

For a global warming alarmist, President Obama sure loves to jet around in his gas-guzzling 747.  Now he plans to conduct two townhalls all the way across the country in California, one in Santa Ana on Wednesday the 18th and the other in Los Angeles on Thursday the 19th.  Why is the President still campaigning?  He keeps reminding the Republicans that he won, so obviously he knows.  Of course, I know that he is doing this because that is all he is good at and has success with and he is desperate to convince the nation that his Marxist plans are for the best.  And I believe he is addicted to the high he gets from being surrounded by his disciples and he needs another fix – quick!

President Obama and the Democratic National Committee  plan to use Obama’s 13-million name e-mail list so they can wrangle up some support for Obama’s ridiculous budget.  The Washington Post wrote, “Aides familiar with the plan said it is an unprecedented attempt to transfer the grass-roots energy built during the presidential campaign into an effort to sway Congress.”

The President’s approval ratings have slipped to 59% and disapproval ratings are about to reach 30%.  He is desperate to keep the approval ratings up because that is all he has going for him.  The stock market is even trading down again, so all the Obamaites will have to stop declaring that the Recovery Porkulus Bill is finally having success just because of four “up” days. 

Maybe this is a good thing and will keep him distracted from ruining the country further.


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