President Obama Throws Out “Enemy Combatant” Terminology

 One of President Bush’s key phrases in the war on terrorism was “enemy combatant”.  The Obama administration announced Friday that they would no longer be using the term.  So we don’t want to call them terrorists and we don’t want to call them enemy combatants.  What exactly are we suppose to call these mongrels?  Oh excuse me, I forgot myself.  What, are these criminals?!  I suppose that is what Obama would prefer since he wants them tried in America’s courts.

President Obama did reiterate our right to hold detainees at Gitmo though.  Which, of course, will be closing in a year.  Human rights attorneys had hoped for some of that “change” Obama promised and thought he might take a new stance on detaining enemy combatants (they cannot stop me) and were disappointed when he did not.  The Justice Department reported that it will no longer use the term “enemy combatants”.

The Center for Constitutional Rights, which has been fighting the detainees’ detention, said in a statement. “It is still unlawful to hold people indefinitely without charge. The men who have been held for more than seven years by our government must be charged or released.”  Really?  How exactly do these non-citizens and enemy combatants have the Constitutional rights of American citizens? 

The judge who is overseeing lawsuits that these enemy combatants have filed challenging their detention is U.S. District Judge John Bates.  The judge had asked the Obama administration to give a definition of whom the U.S. can hold as an “enemy combatant”.  That is when they announced they would no longer use the term, but could detain anyone who participated in terrorist activities directly or indirectly.  The definition is still not very clear.

“Promptly determining the appropriate disposition of those detained at Guantanamo Bay is a high priority for the president,” wrote Attorney General Eric-Americans-Are-Cowards-Holder.

The Justice Department went further with its explanation adding that the authority to hold detainees comes from Congress and the international laws of war, not from the president’s own wartime power as Bush had argued.  International laws of war?!  America is sovereign!  Our administration and the world has forgotten that.  It was America’s mealy-mouthed political correctness that put us in such a precarious place on September 11th, 2001.  And now we have gone further down that road.  President Obama wants to make nice with the Taliban and is sending millions to Gaza that will end up in the hands of Hamas.  We no longer will have Gitmo, nor much authority to hold enemy combatants because we will not call them enemy combatants or define clearly who can be detained.  We are offering to not build our missile shield in Poland and Obama has promised to start dismantling our nukes.  Obama is pissing off our greatest alli in the world as well: Great Britain.

I do not know about you, but national security is not feeling so secure anymore.  We’re screwed!


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