Maxine In Hot Water(s)

Maxine Waters appears to have done something illegal.  I know that is quite shocking for a liberal or rather, a Marxist.  Regulators have discovered that Waters helped set up a meeting with bankers last September that gave the CEO of another bank, OneUnited, $50 million in a special bailout.  OneUnited is the largest black-owned bank in the nation. The issue is that Waters has family financial ties to OneUnited.  As a matter of fact, that family member is her husband who had served on the bank’s board until early last year and has owned at least $250,000 of its stock.

Ms. Waters did not disclose her ties to OneUnited to Treasury officials.  “It is upsetting to me,” said Jeb Mason, the deputy assistant secretary for business affairs at Treasury during the Bush administration, whose office helped set up the meeting. “This is something that was potentially politically explosive and embarrassing to the administration. They should have at least let us know.”

Does Maxine Waters do anyhing surprising to us anymore?


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