Leftists Have Different Standard When It Comes To Hoping For Failure

Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg was a guest on Fox & Friends this morning.  The topic was about Rush Limbaugh’s comments that he hoped President Obama’s policies failed and his now famous quote, “I hope he fails.”  It appears that James Carville made a similar comment about President Bush saying something to the effect that he hoped the president was not successful.  Mr. Greenberg was asked if this was similar to what Rush had said.  The answer was an emphatic, “No!”  Did you really expect anything from an intellectually dishonest liberal?

The reasoning that Mr. Greenberg gave was that Carville had made the comment prior to the events of 9/11.  After 9/11, Carville had said we are all in this together.  During a crisis, according to Mr. Greenberg, it is wrong to wish for a president’s failure.  And since we are in a crisis at the moment, it was wrong for Rush to make the comments.  Really?  This is their reasoning?  We all know that whatever kumbaya moment Carville had in regards to George Bush was short lived.  The press and critics were wishing for his failure soon afterward and we listened for years as various lawmakers told us we were failing in Iraq.

And anyone with common sense knows that the policies the moonbats are cramming down our throats via the President will forever change America and wreck any hope we have for a prosperous future…a free future.  As far as I am concerned, anyone can say anything they want about whether they hope a president succeeds or fails.  It is a personal opinion which we still are allowed to have in this country…at least for now.  And I do hope the President fails in progressing his plans.


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