President Obama Chooses Against Life Once Again

Anyone notice that President Obama appears to have a stack of items in front of him that are bills and proposals from the Bush presidency and that he is reversing every single one of them?  He should have run on that one promise alone because it appears to be the most important issue to him.  Forget about banks and the economy and those little “gyrations” of the stock market.  The latest reversal is President Bush’s policy on embryonic stem cell research.  There are two issues at the heart of this hot topic.

The first that should matter to every American whether you are anti-life or pro-life is that this research will be federally funded.  That means more of your tax money going to an unproven science at a time when you need to be keeping more of your money. 

The second and most important is the matter of life.  I believe life begins at conception and so I believe all embryos should be protected.  I am against fertility clinics discarding these human lives period.  Thus, I am against them being used for experimentation.

And before anyone rails on me about being anti-science, nothing could be further from the truth.  I studied Wildlife Biology as my major and have loved science.  I am all for medical research.  That is why I totally support using adult stem cells which appear to be working.  Not only is there the fact that using your own stem cells will prevent rejection, but studies on earlier lines of embryonic stem cells reveal a higher rate of tumor growth.  And President Bush did not completely ban embryonic stem cell research.  He allowed it on stem lines created before August 9, 2001.  Where are the positive results from experimentation on those lines that would support a need for further research?  Instead what we have are words from the president like “results remain unknown” and this could “possibly” work.  When it comes to life, I do not work in possibles.

I know people are suffering, but that is no reason to act hastily in this area.  How can a mother say something to the effect that this little life form over here must give its life so my child does not have to suffer?  And how many people suffer because they cannot have children who would benefit from these embryos being adopted out?

When it comes to the president on this issue, I am not surprised.  He allows babies born during botched abortions to be left to die, so an embryo really is meaningless to him.  And the hypocrisy of the left never surprises me either.  They will protest against animal testing (which I am against as well) and yet allow these human lives to be destroyed during testing.  Animal life is far more important than human life you know.


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