Obama Saves 25 Jobs While Losing 651,000

Today the jobless numbers increased by another 651,000 and brought the unemploment totals to 8.1%.  That  did not seem to phase the president who gave a speech today in Columbus, Ohio.  Wonder if he saw the tea party folks demonstrating in the area?  There was a police recruit class that was graduating that had previously been laid off, but thanks to the porkulus their jobs were saved.  Twenty-five whopping jobs.  Has anyone else noticed how pathetic these flagship or inaugural recovery results have been?  The first shovel ready project is a delapitated bridge in some small town in Missouri and now twenty-five police jobs have been saved. 

Here are excerpts of the Obama speech:
“You know, just this morning, we learned that we lost another 651,000 jobs throughout the country in the month of February alone which brings the total number of jobs lost in this recession to an astounding 4.4 million — 4.4 million jobs. I don’t need to tell the people of this state what statistics like this mean because so many of you have been watching the jobs disappearing long before this recession hit. I don’t need to tell this graduating class what it’s like to know that your job might be next because, up until a few weeks ago, that is precisely the future that this class faced, a future that millions of Americans still face right now.  Now, there were those — there were those who argued that our recovery plan was unwise and unnecessary.  (Me!) They opposed the necessary notion that government has a role in ending the cycle of job loss at the heart of this recession. There are those who believe that all we can do is repeat the very same policies that led us here in the first place. But I also know that this country has never responded to a crisis by sitting on the sidelines and hoping for the best. I know that, throughout our history, we have met every great challenge with bold action and big ideas. That’s what’s fueled a shared and lasting prosperity.  I know that, at this defining moment for America, we have a responsibility to ourselves and to our children to do it once again. We have a responsibility to act, and that’s what I intend to do as president of the United States of America.”
Responsibility to our children?!  These Marxist plans of his have assured that our children are in debt for the rest of their lives.  And there’s that damn “shared prosperity” line.  Taking from the rich does not make anyone prosperous.  The president did not bother to mention one very important detail:  the money for these twenty-five jobs runs out in a year.  I guess lay offs are still coming then.


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