Now President Obama Wants To Play Nice With Syria

We’re changing our policies with another terrorist harboring nation – Syria.  Fox News is reporting that “Sen. John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, just returned from a visit to Syria. And Obama has long stated his desire to revive diplomatic talks with nations deemed hostile, stating during his inaugural address that, ‘we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.’  Message to the president:  A little common sense please.  They must unclench the fist first and reach out to us, not the other way around.  You do not go to the terrorists.

Our illustrious Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said the US would send two of our envoys to Syria to get started in talks and negotiations.  Hmm…I wonder what we are going to have to give up to the Syrians for them to play nice?  The Secretary called the effort “worthwhile” so we could get another Middle Eastern country on our side.  What fools!  They just do not get it and it is to our peril.  The administration says they cannot predict what the future holds for U.S.-Syria relations.  I can, less security for us and Israel.

Hopefully these dealings do not lead to a weakening of our hold in Lebanon.  Syria has many times in the past attacked Lebanon and I just wonder if these concession-type talks would give Syria the opening they want to attack Lebanon again.  And Syria has nuclear ambitions like Iran.  I wish I could believe that our new Foreign Relations team was trustworthy and knew what they were doing, but we know the truth.


2 responses to “Now President Obama Wants To Play Nice With Syria

  1. Well, when Isreal gets blown off the face of the earth we can sit back and know who is next on their hit-list……us! Wake up Foreign relations committee! You are about to cause an international disruption with your “peace talks” and your “trust” for hostile nations!

  2. I have long wondered about the parade of Democrats to Syria, apparently conducting their own Democrat foreign policy. What are they up to? They have long seemed to believe that if Israel were just made to move back to their 1967 borders then there wouldn’t be any M.E. trouble, and that the “terrorism” thing was just something Bush made up to scare people. Or something like that.

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