The Tax Cheat Is Coming After The Rest Of Us

Secretary of Treasury, Tim-Tax-Cheat-Geithner, testified yesterday before the House Ways and Means Committee that the Obama administration will unveil even more rules and regulations that will limit international companies’ abilities to avoid US taxes.  How about killing the tax code and making it easier for everyone to understand and then cutting taxes so companies will not be tempted to swindle the system?  The administration would never agree to such things even though the tax code is obviously too difficult for several Democrats  to understand since they do not pay their taxes and use that as their excuse.

One of those Democrats being the Treasury Secretary himself which makes his whole testimony laughable.  Even as Geithner speaks about limiting the ability of wealthy Americans to use tax havens to avoid paying some taxes, he himself did not bother to pay his taxes.  International taxes to be exact. 

And in his typical transparent form, Mr. Geithner did not immediately provide details.  Further proving that these yahoos leading the country have no idea what they are doing.  Or they do know what they are doing and they hate the USA.


3 responses to “The Tax Cheat Is Coming After The Rest Of Us

  1. My jaw dropped when I read about this; does no one in the current administration see this irony (or is it hypocrisy)?

  2. Nothing surprises me that comes from thsi administration. This baphoon, Geithner, thinks he can further regulate and criticise people who don’t pay taxes. They have a right to be citicised but not by a tax-fraud such as our treasury secretary. Someone please tell this moron to get a clue and ship himself to some remote island!

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