President Obama’s Secret Letter To Russia Not A Surprise

Watching the actions of our president in regards to the economy of this nation reveals the true nature of this man.  At his core, America’s best interests are of little consequence to him.  So it is not surprising to read in the New York Times that the President sent a secret letter to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev insinuating that America would halt deployment of a new missile defense system in Poland if Moscow would help keep Iran from developing long-range missiles.  A top administrater delivered the letter three weeks ago.

Anyone who follows Biblical prophesy knows that a Russian-Iranian alliance is not a positive step.  Anyone who knows Russia and Vladimir-The-Impaler-Of-Reporters-Putin knows not to trust either.  I would never believe Russia if they came forward and informed the world that they had convinced Iranian President Ineedajob to give up his nuclear ambitions.  I can envision it now, Russia lies and we stop missile defense and Iran fires on Israel and anyone else they want.  President Obama comes out and says, “Ah…ah…er…it appears Iran, ah…um…did not give up their nuclear ambitions, but we really don’t care about Israel anyway.  Let’s be honest, ah…we want to join the new totalitarian global order anyway, ah…er…hey, don’t my pectorals look good?”


One response to “President Obama’s Secret Letter To Russia Not A Surprise

  1. This is unbelievable! No wonder this man’s approval rating is taking by the minute. He is putting “our” safety in the hands of Russia. Is this really something we even have to think about to understand it’s a huge threat to us!?! I am still finding it hard to comprehend how anyone is still supporting this deranged man! I wish someone would step up before Pres. Hussein leads us into a international catastrophy!

    -Dominic (gopwire)

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