I Have Hope In Our Youth

Just when I think our youth – the future of America – are hopelessly indoctrinated and indifferent, I meet some young people who are informed and do care about the future of this country.  Two of these young men have their own political blog and internet radio show and have joined with me in a partnership to start our own network.  I will have more information on that as we get ready to launch in the next couple of weeks.  Matthew and Dominic are sixteen and fifteen respectively and you can follow them either by clicking on their feed in the right hand column under Gopwire or clicking on their webite in my blogroll.

And then there is Jonathan Krohn who gave a short, but rousing speech at CPAC this weekend.  He just turned fourteen, but speaks with the intelligence of a person much further along in years.  These young guys all give me hope and I hope they give it to you as well.


5 responses to “I Have Hope In Our Youth

  1. Thanks Diane! I have hope in you too!


  2. I believe this generation is smarter and more in tune with what is happening around them than my generation — mine were too busy getting stoned and doing the free love thing – oh yeah we marched against VietNam but we really had no clue what was going on. Kids today are intelligent and have the advantage of the internet and instant news. Jeezer geezer suddenly I feel so old…

  3. I think there’s hope, too. Think about the core conservative principle: Freedom. Staying true to our awesome founding. What young kid doesn’t stand for that? We just need to keep on pointing out that the more govt. grows, the more freedom contracts. I think the flailing GOP needs to stop acting like a bunch of Democrats and just run on that one thing, and great things will happen.

  4. Hey, I’m a 16 year old political blogger. Check out my blog if you want and if you like the articles maybe I can help with this network idea? Or possibly be a writer or something with it? Thanks!


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