It Is Official, Obama’s Revenge On Country In Full Light

President Obama has officially released his budget and it comes in at a whopping $3.6 trillion.  As with all the other spending that Obama has pushed onto us, once again there is no explanation as to how he plans to pay for this budget.  I know, I know he’s going to raise taxes on the rich and cut war spending.  Obama is bamboozling America.  He says no middle class person will experience their taxes rising even one dime and yet that has to be a lie because even if he takes every last dime from the top 5% of wage earners here in America he will not be able to cover his budget.  I could have sworn he was going to cut the deficit in half, not add more to it.  Our future generation is screwed.  So obviously, as I’ve said all along, they will be raising middle class taxes.  But even if they raise taxes on everyone making $75,000 or more, even if they take every taxable dollar above the $75,000, we still fall short.

Here is the history of presidential budgets from Clinton to present:  In 1996 the budget was $1.6 trillion, 1999 it was $1.8 trillion, 2000 it was $1.9 trillion, Bush’s first budget was $2.0 trillion and increased each year until his final budget at $2.9 trillion.  Almost makes one wish for President Clinton again.  Egad, sorry about that!  Now our current president makes spending like a “drunken sailor” look just like a buzz.  This $3.6 trillion does not include the current deficit or the porkulus bill.

The most troubling piece of the budget to me is $634 billion as a down payment on universal healthcare coverage.  Not only do we not want the government taking over healthcare, but this amount is only a down payment?!  This piece of the budget will bankrupt the country all by itself.  Not to mention that universal healthcare does not even exist yet and has not been legislated or debated yet.  Talk about chutzpah!  So we get this crammed down our throats without our input.

The budget also includes another bank bailout to the tune of $250 billion.  Renewable energy gets favored in this plan, while Big Oil suffers.  The American Petroleum Institute said higher taxes would stifle job creation and oil-patch investment. “I don’t see how this bolsters energy security,” API spokeswoman Cathy Landry said. BP executive Lamar McKay told Congress Wednesday that taxing “core energy” while subsidizing new energy would do nothing to help the nation’s energy supply. 

Our government is being run by the criminally insane.  And yes, they are criminals.


One response to “It Is Official, Obama’s Revenge On Country In Full Light

  1. Insanity!! I was under the impression that our representatives went to DC to carry out the will of the people. Maybe we’re just too stupid to know any better so they vote how they want? Have you read any stats on what the average Joe in America thinks about this spending? I saw this ad on TV this morning and found it on YouTube, perhaps this is a grassroots effort to wake people up?

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