President Obama’s First Congressional Address

My advice to the president is to stop making speeches on a daily basis with the same rhetoric over and over.  If most of America is like me, we’re tired of the same message over and over again.  We have heard this same speech over a dozen times – probably more.  The only thing that Obama changed up in this speech from the others he has recently delivered is that he peppered in a little bit of hope.  I’m sure the advisors told him he better so the stock market does not tank again today.  Even Michelle Malkin, who usually has a plethora of comments during these kinds of speeches, only had a couple of comments.  I think we are bored.

But not the moonbats gathered to hear the speech in person.  The president entered fashionably late as has become his custom and the applause and hugging and autograph signing made me wonder if the Jonas Brothers were following him up the aisle.  The liberals so love the new president that they even gave the troops the most resounding applause I have ever heard.

Obama promised that we would “rebuild, we will recover, and the [USA] will emerge stronger than before.”  Not with his plans.  Every time the President mentioned energy and how we needed to change our sources for security and what-not I thought to myself that squelching the off-shore drilling really helps that goal.  He also promised cap and trade by saying, “So I ask this Congress to send me legislation that places a market-based cap on carbon pollution and drives the production of more renewable energy in America.”  So much for our electricity as coal goes bankrupt.

Most of the housing blame was put on regulators and banks.  No mention of Democrats and groups like ACORN forcing banks to make bad loans.

Obama said that families who are struggling to pay tuition costs will “receive $2,500 tax credit for all four years of college.”  Where did this come from?  I had heard the $2500 hundred partial tax credit before, but this sounded new and it sounds like tax payers will be footing the bill for $10,000?  Maybe I’m misunderstanding.  Sure wish this was around when I quit college because I couldn’t afford it.  No Pell grant for me because my middle class parents made too much.

Vice president Biden will be leading the oversight on spending.  Oh joy!  And the President even said that nobody “messes with Joe”.  Was that to keep you hip, Mr. President?  What an unpresidential thing to say.

He talked again of sacrifice as the government fills their pockets and spends far more than President George Bush ever dreamed.  Once again, he never explained how we will pay for all of this.  He promises more spending and bailouts particularly for banks.  That is why I claim he is insane.  How can you say that, while maintaining that you will half the deficit?

Interruptions by applause for universal healthcare I counted at six.  These guys really want to do that and I expect that to be the next big spending bill.  He promised not to raise taxes on people making under $250,000 a year, that they will not have their taxes raised one dime.  As I’ve said before, I’ll believe that when I see it.  And even if taxes do not go up, what does it matter with the inflation that Obama is leading us into.

The most important point about this address to me though is this very significant point.  I have scanned the transcript multiple times and listened to the speech.  This speech was all about what “we” as the American people would do…without God.  The only mention of God came at the very end and that was just Obama saying “God bless you” and the USA.  Without His guidance Barack, without turning back to Him, we are doomed to fail.  Now we know where Barack Obama stands on God.  Now we know this man’s dark soul.


6 responses to “President Obama’s First Congressional Address

  1. ” If most of America is like me”

    90% of Americans approved of his speech. I dare say 90% of the entire World approved of his speech.

    Looks like you’re in the minority

    • Where did you get that stat futile? Gallop has Obama with only a 59% approval rating – lower than Bush at this same point. And I’m proud to be part of yet another minority. That makes three for me. Female, gay and conservative. I’m such a freak and love it!

  2. Thanks for keeping up with all this complicated government stuff. It’s nice to read your thoughts on all this insanity. Virginia has been a red state, but that has all changed with the new messiah in DC. This commonwealth is now fully blue, the governor, both my senators, and now my congressman… Hope is fading, not all change is for the better.

    • Thanks Scott – I appreciate you following my blog. Here in Florida it is not much better. Crist is a RINO and most areas are going blue.

  3. I don’t think it does Republicans any good to be delusional right now: the speech, in writing and delivery, was fantastic and the reception was overwhelmingly positive. Obama’s riding a huge wave of popularity right now. Jindal’s response on the other hand was, in the words of David Brooks, a disaster for the Republican party. Horrendously delivered as though he were talking to children, in stark contrast to Obama’s grown-up delivery, and lacking in any kind of innovation or points interest. Just recycled, failed GOP talking points and cringe-inducing references to Katrina. I mean, the governor of Louisiana is complaining about federal money going to states? Please.

    It would be much better for you to recognize, along with most of the rest of your party (see Brooks, Douhat, etc.) that you guys have screwed the pooch and you need some new ideas. Bitching at the president is not gonna do it. Think of something original.

    By the way, how many times do you want him to mention God? You want to sit back and pray for a response to the recession? And God, as he’s understood by much of your party, condemns you to hell for your sexual orientation. I don’t really understand why you would continue to identify yourself with that.

    • Republicans are coming back to their roots so look out here we come! A groundswell movement is sweeping the country as tea parties take place in most major cities. David Brooks is an idiot who is no longer conservative, so I could care less what he has to say. It’s the message, not the delivery that matters when it comes to Jindal. I didn’t see, but an off night doesn’t matter. Obama has had an off life. And 59% approval ratings is not a wave of popularity. Most of the chamber is on his side, so it was not surprising he got a good reception. I am conservative because I have common sense. I don’t care that the far right wing thinks I’m going to Hell. They have the liberty to think that way, although I disagree with them. Most conservatives are opening up and realizing we are all on the same page. And frankly, praying to God would be far more beneficial than what Obama is doing. Really, spending boat loads of money to get out of debt? That sure makes sense. Socialism is tired and failed. The Republic is a new and fresh idea and we won’t let it die.

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