National Tea Party Website

There is a new website up that is trying to keep track of all the tea parties being held across the nation.  You can find it here: If they don’t have one in your area, why not get a few friends together and set one up.

Join me tonight, Wednesday, February 25th at 8pm for my radio show on State Sovereignty.


27 responses to “National Tea Party Website

  1. I hope state sovereignty takes off like a wildfire.

  2. Keep up the good work.I am so glad some of us are speaking out about what this clown is doing to us with his socialist ideas Keep me updated and maybe I will join and try to help any way I can.

  3. Darius Radmanesh

    may god be with all who will be attending the historical and great national Tea Party event, and may he bestow his blessings on all true Americans who will not submit to tyranny and relinquish there constitutional rights. My prayers and thoughts are with you all.


    I have always maintained,

    To be born free is lucky

    To live free is a responsibility

    To die free is an achievement.

    I know that every American who will be participating in the coming Tea Party event, can with out doubt be proud to claim that achievement totally!!! LONG LIVE FREEDOM AND LIBERTY AND THE UNSHAKABLE AMERICAN SPIRIT!!!!

    Yours very sincerely
    Darius AKA Dar Radmanesh
    Author of Escape From From Iran
    And a true American Patriot.

    • Hi Darius! Great comments. Darius will be a guest on my show – watch my schedule.

      • Let me get this straight. DARIUS RADMANESH is an American. Is every person in the world an American-In-Waiting? If DARIUS RADMANESH is an American, what was George Washington? I was born in California and I watched it change from a beautiful, pristine countryside to an overcrowded cesspool because of legal and illegal immigration, that the people didn’t want, from every armpit and crotch of the world involving “people” that were never intended as immigrants, people who ruined their own countries and had to get out. DARIUS RADMANESH is not an immigrant, he is a coward who ran from his duty in the home country he destroyed to enjoy, as a parasite, the fruits of American ingenuity and effort. Additionally, you seem to ignore the fact that, as much as we would prefer to return it to the French, the Statue of Liberty faces Europe not Bangla-freaking-desh.

      • Darius Radmanesh came to America legally – there is nothing wrong with legal immigration. Most of us, unless we are Native American, come from immigrants. I agree on the criminal invaders though.

      • Dear J Davis

        I would like to make a couple of points regarding the comments you have made about me. But first let me say that I totally and completely respect the fact that you are simply speaking your mined. after all that’s whats great

        about being an American and living in a country where we are free to express our opinions and views with out the fear of any repercussions or persecution, not like Iran for example where if you so much whisper the word FREEDOM! you

        face the possibility of being imprisoned and even possibly executed, thank God Mr. J Davis you and my other fellow Americans will never have to know what that fills like. So I do appreciate your views and your honesty for

        expressing your opinion. However, that being said I would like to set a few things straight if I may Mr. J Davis. First I would like to address the comment where you stated that:

        ”Let me get this straight. DARIUS RADMANESH is an American. Is every person in the world an American-In-Waiting? ”

        Well the thing is Mr. J Davis, first of all I was born in America in the great State of Missouri back in 1969, therefore ( I WAS NO IMMEGRANT )
        secondly, my mother is a full blooded American, who’s mother ( MY GRANDMOTHER ) is a full

        blooded Cherokee Indian. Secondly my father is an American Iranian he is ( NOT! ) from Bangladesh Mr. J Davis. Now to address your second comment;

        ” If DARIUS RADMANESH is an American, what was George Washington? ”

        The thing thing is Mr. J Davis, all Americans at one point or another were immigrants, even our first president, and the courageous general of our sacred war of independence against the British. was in fact him self from English stock.

        So were all of our founding fathers, they were all immigrants to America. The only one true Americans are in fact the American Indians, of which as I have pointed out I am a quarter of. Now to address your third comment:

        ”DARIUS RADMANESH is not an immigrant, he is a coward who ran from his duty in the home country he destroyed to enjoy, as a parasite, the fruits of American ingenuity and effort. ”

        Well Mr. J Davis, first of all, I did not run from my home country, as I have stated ( I AM AN AMERICAN! ) born in America by an American mother, and when I say born in America I mean in one of the main fifty States!. As for

        destroying any country and being a coward? well first of all, I was just a sixteen year old kid who was yanked off the streets and was forced to fight in a war that had nothing to do with me, once again ( BECAUSE I AM AN AMERICAN! ) also I was taken to Iran by my parents when I

        was only six or seven years old, I had no choice in the matter. So there you have it Mr. J Davis, Im not sure where you got your information about me, but you got the whole thing wrong sir. However like I said, you are an American as I am, and you live in the greatest and freest

        country on earth, and therefore you have the right and privilege of having the freedom to say and think what you like when you like. During the time my family and I were held hostage in Iran, we were deprived of these rights, and so were the Iranian men and women. Every day in

        that country, thousands upon thousands of innocent men, women and even children are murdered, by the Iranian regime simply because the express there desire for freedom and Liberty. Just as we Americans had first done back in 1776, the only difference is Mr. J Davis,

        we had the privilege of using muskets and even at time artillery. However the people of Iran, have no such weapons to fight for there freedom, all they have when they poor in the streets is there fists and the cry for freedom and Liberty, beating with in there breasts, and they

        are slaughtered by the thousands as they do so. However just as we did in 1776, when we fought against Tyranny and Oppression, for the glorious cause of freedom and Liberty, so are the Iranian people doing today, and they gladly bare there breasts and welcome wave after wave

        of machine gun fire, for the great cause of Liberty. Once again Mr. J Davis, I respect you opinion, and I wish you well sir.


        By the way Mr. J Davis, before I forget, during the time I was held captive in Iran. I had been severely beat by members of the Iranian Islamic Guard, because I refused to stomp on the American flag, and denounce my American

        heritage. When this happened, I was only 14 years old. When was the last time Mr. J Davis, you risked your life and the life of your family, to defend and uphold America and the principles of freedom and Liberty??


        Thank you
        Yours very sincerely
        Darius Radmanesh

      • Dar did not “come to America legally”. He was born here, and he returned here. He’s a far better American than J.Davis, whose comments are embarrassing to all who have any decency and who love Liberty. Put your hateful prejudices away and start thinking about how you can contribute to society, for a change.

    • It’s “their”, not there. Basic English, man. Are you even American? Are you even WHITE? Get out of here, and take your 1st Grade grasp of spelling with you.

      • Tim, you are an embarrassment to every decent American. If someone took you to a foreign country at six years old, and you spent your life fighting to get back to your home country, you shouldn’t be castigated for not speaking and writing perfect English. Shame on the name of Tim Fannings (not “tim fannings”).

  4. True Americans have remained SILENT for far too long. Now is the time to stand together as our forefathers did, and fight this ugly takeover of our country.
    God Bless America!


  6. I think it is time for freedom loving Americans to rise up and come together and march for freedom. If the liberals are talking about tomorrow’s National Tea Pary Day, then they must be scared that people are waking up and seeing how dangerous they are. Wake up America, It is time to speak out and take action and take our country back.

  7. For the individuals who dismissed the tea party participants and are missing the contemporary tea party conceptual point completely, wait till the public’s ire is raised with the misguided increases of taxes for a national health care system. CASE IN POINT: Politicians are struggling to figure out ways to pay for a national health care system now, before a national health care system is defined and implemented. What will politicians do when the social security, medicare and other entitlement programs must be addressed, due to a lack of funds? What will politicians do when the national deficit limit needs to be raised, additional treasuries sold, or quantitative easing implemented (again), and even more taxes needed to be implemented and collected? Do the math.



  9. Patrick Germond

    We may have come up with a silver bullet here in Craig Colorado. We have decided to go to the next level and go all the way and do the paper work to be a real org. like the NRA or Seirra Club. We thought about what we would have to offer as a product for the war chest to run adds. We decided since the schools and media wont educate people about socialism, we would. Like the NRA ran info mercial we will too. Only due it text book style. Not one sided. Like setting 50 older people from Canada down and ask them questions. No hate, no finger pointing, just what the trueth is that isn’t being told, good or bad, never say one word about our leaders or politics. People can do their own math, like the NRA. Like the NRA, we will only hand out grades, not endorsements. We only stand for smaller government and lower taxes. Anyone through out the next 200 years that gets fed up with there government or their party can donate to us to shrink the governments power. They can match a ticket from a speed trap, 10% of their property tax, ect. Not to metion every free business in America should be on board also. And since we will never endores or run a canidate, people can donate to us when they are angry at their own party without crossing party lines. Anyway, thats our direction at the moment, we are going work out the details.
    No more fighting or panic, lets turn this around forever. Let the people know what their not being told, then maybe the gap between our beliefs wont be so great. It’s the peoples counrty, lets get them the info so they can run it better. Both parties have let us down. When Congresses approval rating is 13%, now we will all have an out let. Northwest Colorado Tea Party Patriots are in it to help all Americans, not just one party. Americans have the right to make what ever decision they want, we just want them to see what is not tought or reported on anymore.

    This is all just in the planning, the board is still hammering it out. But that was where we were at on the 4th.

  10. Patrick Germond

    P.S. sorry about the spelling I was in a hurry.

  11. Patrick Germond

    P.S.S. Plus I’m not the spokes person, this is just an FYI. They believe we all must have a good product to present. So when they do it I’m sure it will be more impressive than this.

  12. That is a great idea Patrick and it would seem that a ton of tea party organizers have decided to do the same thing which is a wonderful way to get the grassroots even more involved!

  13. Patrick Germond

    We need to find out more on the paper work and registration end. We are all trying to force ourselves to take a breath however. The organization we want to set up is one that will be around for a long long time. One that will watch over the Republicans too, they are the other half of the problem after all.
    I have alot of ideas, but I’m going to wait and run them by the board first. They are some great people. They are some real class acts and I don’t want to get out in front of them and go rouge. We also want to look at the movement as a whole and see what that can offer.
    I do know one thing though. This kind of frame work will take hold somewhere by some one and the educational work will begin. Then the total and swift march to undue the decades of degredation will begin. Counrtries world wide with poor education know they can control their people through lies and misdirection. The most important leg of the stool for this American Socialist movement is about to be kicked off and out from under the people sitting on it, and another check and balance will forever be added. It to will forever protect “We the People” from a powerful federal government.
    That’s gotta stink for the people into socialism. Just when they thought they won, America evolved. They didn’t count on the fact that there would be and are other outlets for education and it’s funding (internet, local stations, adds, DVDs). Heck, we might even see cartoons based on and explaning the evil of a powerful socialist government in a scary way playing in the the morning before kids go to school. That would be some funny stuff watching the facsit communist lose their trash over that one. Anyway……
    Where going to win this everyone. I can finaly feel. God bless you and peace be on your house.

  14. Patrick Germond

    Dear Editor,
    A lot of economic “Greek Tragedies” in the past, have been caused from Government leaders trying to go against the economic laws of nature and common sense.
    Case in point take the apocalyptic effects of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act, signed June 17, 1930, turning a recession into a Great Depression.
    The Tariff law, taxed imports coming into America. Vainly, it tried to make American products cheaper than their competition from other countries. The goal was to “create-or-save” American jobs. The extreme opposite happened, because the rest of the world retaliated with their own tariffs against American goods, as expected by the opponents.
    The Government action ended up costing U.S. citizens vast amounts jobs. Worse yet, the rest of the world moved on, doing business amongst itself, while the U.S. turned into a raisin.
    Today, Progressives in both parties have used the environmental cause to take control of our lives and to promulgate (force by law) their social engineering delusions. Their latest & greatest fiasco, “Cap&Trade”. Progressives in California have elevated this to sanguine (bloodthirsty) level. Their pretentious argument and experiment has failed with the same methodical predictability, as blowing a hole in the side of a sinking boat to let the water out.
    Courts have taken the power to shut down entire towns in the faces of the people, over any exaggerated environmental cause. Remember, the U.S. Timber Industry? It was squeezed out because of the cost of endless litigation. Now, Canada has taken over the market while our U.S. forests’ go up in smoke. (insert you won joke)
    The obsession with self-imposed tariffs, like in California, have made the costs to American businesses sky-rocket. Production and competitiveness have been lynched, and they now hang from Al Gore’s shade tree.
    The Arab’s pave their streets with gold, while we Americans tie up our industry in red tape, rules, and litigation. Neither party promotes tort reform or free market capitalism. Instead, they sell us universal nightmares under the panic of emergencies they’ve created from their own, ever reaching, grasping, hands.
    The reason the Progressive movement of the 1930’s went as far as it did was due to a lot of factors. One, it just needed to be played out so the people could see the end results. Another reason, people didn’t have our level of access to communication and self-education. Basically, they were poor when it came to the facts. We however, have hind sight and history on our side. And, judging by the polls, and to the dismay of both parties, Americans are catching on fast. Facts and common sense can cut through propaganda instantly. Problem is, the Achilles heel of socialism is it rots and stinks in the sunlight.
    Besides, a Government that thinks the recession is over because fewer people are Googling “Economic Depression”, needs to be made real small. Government is the problem, not the solution.

    Patrick Wayne Germond

    Craig Colorado. 81625

  15. Idea to pass around…

    Start shouting, “Take America back to the Constitution,” instead of “take back America.” It just gives the left a chance to shout rascism.

  16. I need to know if y’all have a newsletter or something to keep me informed of upcoming events. Thanks, Carl

  17. Larry N. Johnson

    The “tea Party” movement has the potential to become a great, positive factor in American politics. Maybe the greatest movement since the original in Boston.

    However some of the leaders, including Gov.Palin, many at Fox, and some republican big names seem bent on gutting the movement before it ever reaches its potential.

    How? By insisting over and over that the “party” is a republican oriented group. This is so not true. It is a CONSERVATIVE based bunch of people, some of whom happen to be republicans. Many others, maybe a majority, are democrats and independents who are conservative and believe in the constitution, states rights, less taxation, fiscal responsibility by elected officials, and less federal government in general. Most are patriotic, unlike so many in the present administration.

    If we keep trying to make the “Tea Party” a republican tool, we will lose many of the independent and democrat supporters. This will cause us to lose possibly our last chance to drag America back from the free fall into socialism.

    The leaders have to realize that most of us conservatives are registered as democrats or repubs only so that we can have a voice in primary elections. We would rather be members of a formal third party, but realize that is just not going to happen. So instead, we choose to express ourselves at “Tea Parties” and town Hall meetings.

    Professional politicians had better stop trying to label us, and start listening to us. Failure to do so will put their futures at risk, and sadly, maybe the future survival of the U.S.A.

    Republican and Tea party leaders alike had better quickly learn the difference in republican and conservative values. Most of us conservatives feel that the republican mainstream is no better for this country than the liberal democrat wing. Actually they are nearly indistinguishable, both big spend-big government oriented.

    Larry N. Johnson, a conservative, a registered republican, so that I can vote in primaries, who almost always “splits” his vote between parties, and one who is thoroughly disgusted with most of my elected officials..

    • That is me as well Larry. Registered Republican just so that I can facilitate change in the primaries. And this year we must do that or November may be very interesting and Obama might get another run because I can no longer vote against principles just to get a certain party in.

  18. Dear Editor,
    I would like to welcome everyone to this years election cycle on behalf of your local Tea Party, Bears Ears Patriots.
    Before an update though, here’s our answer to all the progressives that hoped for our surrender…. Nuts. (101st Airborne, Bastogne)
    Things cooled off this winter, many members grew tired and took a pause. Winter will do that. As the last crazy person still active, I waited for the sky’s to clear and for opportunity to present itself. That’s when I received a call from Matt Winey, he wanted to jump in and get involved no matter what the odds where. So together, we are now marching forward, asking all our members and associates to take heart and to make ready. We can chose when and where we end the fight, and that day and place has not yet come.
    Thanks to Matt, the new web site is up and running, There’s a blog there that we can all participate in and share ideas and make plans.
    The Bears Ears Patriots aren’t interested in third parties or personal political advancements. We are not after power, we the people already have the power. We are not part of the Republican or Democrat parties, and never will be. We will stand separate, as a representative of the independents and forgotten voters. We will watch and hold both parties accountable. We may support a politician one year, and actively campaign to defeat them the next, they are not our religious leaders. The media describes a politician that lies, as one who brakes campaign promises. We view them as employees who haven’t lived up to their commitments given during their job interview. And they will be fired as such. We even reserve the right to have them recalled. Evasive and noncommittal applicants need not apply.
    We stand for small government, low taxes, virtue and honesty. We feel new politicians are better than career ones. We are not a machine, and we never will be. Anyone can join in. We don’t ask about religion or party affiliation. We ask only for positive input, no hate speech or racism allowed. We believe in ballots, not bullets.
    We urge people to vote their principals always, even if it means they don’t vote on one particular race because of poor candidates. Better that, then to be responsible for a disaster like we have now. We believe people acting in principled virtuous ways entitles our country to the Lords blessings and protection and is superior to all other political philosophies. If anyone doubts this, ask the leaders in power in Washington D.C.. They’ve lost Massachusetts, their supper majority, and 75% of the American people. Their back’s are at the cliff’s edge and the Tea Parties are pushing them off into the Sea. So as a reminder to all new candidates, we the people are always in charge.
    With that in mind, I wish all the candidates good luck, and may we have a good, clean, honest season. Thank you for running.

    Patrick Wayne Germond

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