Day After Fiscal Responsibility Conference New $410 Billion Spending Bill Proposed

In an utter show of what we can expect from our ever growing big government here in America, the president held an inane fiscal responsibility conference yesterday.  The whole farce was a waste of time with Obama acting like he was some kind of teacher breaking his students into little discussion groups and then asking for their comments on what they discussed and conclusions they came to without really solving any of the problems this country faces.  And this is nothing compared to the hypocrisy on display at this event.  Didn’t these baffoons just pass the wasteful and completely irresponsible porkulus bill last week?  Fiscal responsibility my arse!

And then today we get the news that Congress had some unfinished budget business and they are now proposing another bill totaling $410 billion dollars.  That is nearly half a trillion.  This measure is to fund the government for the remaining seven months of fiscal year 2009.  Since the Democrats are in control of the White House, they put together all of their unfinished bills into this monstrosity and will vote on it in the House this week.  Republicans are fighting the bill because it is yet again another expansion of government and will add to the deficit.  Gee, I could have sworn I heard something about cutting the deficit in half…


“With the deficit rising like a hot air balloon and consumer confidence on the brink, the last thing we need is more excessive spending coming from Washington,” Representative David Dreier, a senior Republican, said in a statement.

And if you are not already steamed, you should know that this bill contains at least $5 billion in earmarks coming from 9,000 different projects.  Some of those projects include money for tattoo removal, bullying programs, Maine lobsters and $473,000 to the National Council of La Raza!

My definition of responsible must be wrong.


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