Orlando Tea Party Coming!

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I’ve been contacted by the woman organizing our tea party here in the Orlando area and here is what we have so far and I will add details as they come so watch for updates.  We will be meeting at the Ampitheather on Saturday March 21st from 12pm-2pm.  There will be a singer and other plans are still in the works.  A website is also planned to help generate funds and I will post that here when it is up and running.  I invite commenters to share details of any tea parties planned in your areas.

Update:  The website is up, please visit and give a small donation if you can.  The event needs to raise $2,000-$3,000. 



12 responses to “Orlando Tea Party Coming!

  1. An excellent and needed plan. Please give info on parking and seating. There will probably be thousands of people. THANKS to organizers.

  2. I thank God that there still exist patriots who believe in our once great republic. We must come together as a nation and vote out the criminals who have taken over our country.

  3. Charles Schmidt

    I had a hard time finding the web site. I hav a lot of associates that watn to be involved but they dont know how to get on your email list.

    what can be done?

    • Charles – I noticed last night that the webpage wouldn’t load. Not sure of it was for maintenance or if Google was screwing around – quite possible since they are in the bag for Obama. Try going to the radio site 540wfla .com and see if you can get to the site from there. The email address is Lisa@floridiansunite.com also to contact the organizer directly.

  4. As you notice Google did move this page about halfway down my search. But I did find it. Mostly I hope that you all see how important this is. Our country has been seriously eroded by both parties. Our standard of living is falling faster than ever. And our governments doing nothing to help. If you have friends grabbed them let’s all get together. Let’s show them that our patriotic spirit will not be broken. It’s time to change out our politicians like the dirty diapers they are. Look forward to seeing you all there.

  5. I am one of the coordinators of the Orlando Tea Party. I apologize, there was one night that the site seemed to be down due to a glitch with our web host. We have posted updates with a line-up of our speakers, etc. We hope you will all attend and make your voice heard. We have had an amazing response are are expecting a tremendous turn out. Let’s make this the biggest tea party yet!

  6. Is everybody sending a teabag in an envelope to the white house between April 1 and April 15?
    Let’s get this party started !!!!!!!!

    • I am and I have several taped to my sign for Saturday. I can’t wait for the party! I’ll be the one waving the flag! – LOL

  7. Tea Party gear can be found at http://www.shirts4freedom.com

  8. wow, Cheryl is hosting the Orlando Tea Party at Orlando Festival park, and they are not asking for any money. We expect a huge turnout.

  9. Floridians Unite (the same people who brought you the March 21st Orlando Tea Party) will be holding another Tea Party August 22 from 6-8pm at The Lake Eola Amphitheater at 195 N. Rosalind Ave.

    On August 22, 2009, Floridians Unite will hold another event at beautiful Lake Eola to celebrate our patriotism, unite as a voice of conservatism and also to inspire, facilitate and educate fellow Floridians about current issues and what each of us can do to stop the ebb of socialism threatening our nation.

    Visit http://www.orlandoteaparty.com/the-event.html for details.

    Hope to see you there!

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