Someone Tell The White House Spokesmoron To Shad-Up!

The White House Spokesmoron, Robert Gibbs, stuck his foot in it again.  This man cannot be long for this job.  At Friday’s press conference, Gibbs blasted the media (aren’t the media the people he works with) when asked about CNBC reporter Rick Santelli’s recent tirade against the president’s mortgage plan.  Gibbs actually had this to say, “I…think that it’s tremendously important that for people who rant on cable television to be responsible and understand what it is they’re talking about.  I feel assured that Mr. Santelli doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”  

Doesn’t know what he is talking about!?  Get a clue!  The country’s growing grassroots fire is catching on and Mr. Santelli’s rant seems to be the catalyst.  He voiced what many people around this country are feeling and the Obama Administration better start listening.   

But Gibbs wasn’t done with the media yet.  He then criticized cable news coverage of the presidential campaign by saying, “If I hadn’t worked on the campaign but simply watch the cable news scorekeeping of the campaign, we lost virtually every day of the race.  If I would have just watched cable TV, I long would have crawled into a hole and given up this whole prospect of changing the country.”  What in the hell is he talking about?!  The media was Obama’s cheerleader.  Somebody put this man out of our misery!


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