GOP Governors Should Reject Stimulus Money

Several GOP governors are voicing their concerns over the Porkulus Bill and are considering not accepting the federal money into their state coffures.  I encourage them to decide not to take the money.  The most outspoken governors are Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal, South Carolina’s Mark Sanford, Mississippi’s Haley Barbour and Alaska’s Sarah Palin.  The left is laying on the criticism and accusing these governors of not caring about their citizens during this growing economic crisis when their states are hurting.  Federal money is only meant to help during an emergency and this is no emergency.  If it was, then the states would be cutting their spending drastically would they not?  What do you do with your own budget at times like these?  Do you whip out the credit card and spend?  Taking this money is doing just that.

Of course my own governor is a sell-out and a useful idiot and today he will find the following email in his in-box:

 Dear Governor Crist,

As a citizen of Florida and a member of the Republican Party, I encourage you to join the ranks of your fellow GOP governors in refusing to take money from this stimulus package.  It is wasteful and leaves our state, citizens, and future citizens beholden to the federal government.  I’m sure you have read the Bill of Rights and know the protections granted to the states via the 10th Amendment.  There is a growing feeling of disenfranchisement across the country including within Florida where protests are being organized to match those from Denver, Mesa and Seattle.  Joining the President in Ft. Myers was a huge political mis-step for you.  Listen to your residents who urge you to turn your back on big government.  We have long memories and big voices.

I encourage my fellow conservatives to do the same if you have not already.  Our voices mean more then those of “The Nation” and “The LA Times” who have been writing pieces disparaging  the GOP governors.


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