We’re Angry And We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore!

President Obama has been in office a little over a month and while liberals and the MSM praise him for his quick actions and bold moves, the core of America is thinking something quite different in regards to the socialistic plans that have been crammed down the collective American throat.  And that is exactly what Obama wants us to be – one big collective.  He even said that we are all collectively responsible in this housing mess.  I listened to radio program after radio program today with countless American people calling in who have hit their last nerve with this housing plan of the President’s.  We’re pissed!  And we are not going to take it lying down.

In December I wrote a blog that we needed a modern day Boston Tea Party.  Americans across the country are holding their own protests.  Michelle Malkin has been reporting about the varios uprisings.  So far Seattle, Mesa and Denver have had their’s and it sounds like Kansas is up next.  No wonder since they are getting IOUs for tax returns.  Florida has something perculating here in the center of the state.  I will keep everyone posted. 

This morning on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Rick Santelli went into a rant that I found myself cheering aloud because he was telling the truth – something usually missing on NBC and its affiliates.  Capitalism is not dead.  You can find the video of the rant here.

I’ll keep my freedom, you can keep the change President Obama!


5 responses to “We’re Angry And We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore!

  1. I’m hoping to see more of this across the US. People need to make themselves heard.

  2. Fantastic post!

    I actually had no idea there was this grass roots uprising against all this pork and waste.

    We’ve been blogging about the pork and waste over at our site, but I just figured people had been so cowed down by the popularity of our Sugar-Daddy-in-Chief and the market turmoil that they weren’t stepping into action. Looks like I’m wrong- and I’m glad to be wrong.

    Thanks for posting. Those links are great. Some of those pictures on Malkin’s site are hilarious!

    • Michelle Malkin is great! We have a place to meet here in Orlando and are working on getting the permit. Anyone for tea?

  3. Listen up people! We’ve got to stop talking about this and do something. I’m starting a grass roots organization to stand up and say “no more” to this insane spending and taxing the class that does most of the work in this country! I’m ordering bumper stickers, hats and shirts. If you want one, email me saynotomoretax@aol.com. We’ve got to stand on street corners with signs; march on Washington…actions speak louder than words!! Allison Main

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