Today’s Useful Idiots – People Of Ft. Myers, Florida And Governor Crist

Shame on Governor Crist for laying down before the altar of Obama and begging for this state.  Have some pride man.  Governor Crist had been on a short list once upon a time to be Senator McCain’s running mate, but things sure have changed.  Crist has joined a long list of other governors who have turned their backs on the Constitution and their state constitutions to beg the federal government for “more meat, Sir”.  We can make it without the federal government.  What a jackass!  Crist gets up and introduces President Obama at the Ft. Myers Townhall and fawns all over him. 

The president then went into his regular speech which most of us know by heart now, throwing in a few bones for Ft. Myers to make it a little more personal.  Then the useful idiots stepped up to ask their banal questions.  This is the time to put this man on the mat and get some real answers, but they all wanted to beg for more from the government as well.  I should point out that the whole time Obama was speaking you could hear “Amens” and “Yeses” in the background and I thought I was listening to a Pentecostal program for a minute on the radio.  Here was one of the questions:

I do feel for this woman, but this was not the time or place and does she really expect the president to do something.  Okay, okay, I know we have other women in Florida who claim Obama is going to pay for their gas and mortgage.  So what did the President do for this woman?  He had one of his people hand her a card that would lead her to the Housing Authority.  Like she couldn’t take care of that herself.  Then there was this imbecile:

Now we know how this man got elected.  Listen to my radio show tonight for more soundbites and stupid questions from this townhall.


One response to “Today’s Useful Idiots – People Of Ft. Myers, Florida And Governor Crist

  1. Christ came to Orlando and announced employment was looking up because a certain private college just came in. Yeah, right a small college that is not accredited and has one of the worst reputations since the Univeristy of Phoemix.
    Crist should beg for any morsel for the unemployed in FL. We are out there practically begging for work. I have a Master’s and would be happy to work at a 7-11 to care for my family. Yet, I get no phone call and when I call 7-11 corporate to see if they recieved My app. I get the run around. I am not unique. I have friends, relatives with all types of experience and different education levels that can’t find jobs. Do you know that you have to have “food experience” now to be considered for Burger King? This is what the job market has come to. I went to a jobinterview for 200 openings, there were like 400 people there in the time I waited there. They cancelled the onsite interviews due to the amount of applicants. Told us to come in on Monday for an interview and test. There were lines of people all the way down the hall, staircase, and far into the parking lot in the blasting hot sun. The politcians and Crist are just laughing at us and enjoy slapping us in the face. Thanks to the New World.Order.

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