President Obama Lets Elkhart, Indiana’s Residents Serve Their Purpose – Useful Idiots

President Obama flew to Elkhart, Indiana to have a townhall meeting doing the one thing he has experience at and seems to be pretty good at: campaigning.  This time the campaign is for his Pork-engourged non-stimulus bill.  The spin on this townhall is that Obama was taking his message to the people to let them know he really cares.  If that was true he would not have taken cameras.  I could really respect him for just going and sitting down and listening to the people.  Doing it “his” way is just giving a speech with a welcoming audience and using the people.  And they were used today and played their part of “useful idiots” perfectly, clapping in all the right places.  Before I get into excerpts, did anyone else notice the military male and female placed strategically behind Obama on either side of him in perfect camera position?  Excerpts with my irreverent commentary in blue as usual:

Obama starts on his usually positive message of hope and change: “We’re talking about folks who’ve lost their livelihood and don’t know what will take its place. Parents who’ve lost their health care and lie awake nights praying the kids don’t get sick. Families who’ve lost the home that was their corner of the American dream. Young people who put that college acceptance letter back in the envelope because they just can’t afford it.”

“Economists from across the spectrum have warned that if we don’t act immediately, millions more jobs will be lost, and national unemployment rates will approach double digits.”  Better check with the Congressional Oversight Group who says it would be better to do nothing than to pass this package.

You didn’t send us to Washington because you were hoping for more of the same. You sent us there with a mandate for change, and the expectation that we would act quickly and boldly to carry it out – and that is exactly what I intend to do as President of the United States.”  He was given a mandate?  President Obama, you did not win by that much.  And I sure hope people did not send you to Washington to bring us socialism.

“The plan will save or create three to four million jobs over the next two years.”  I just love how these numbers keep changing.

Now I asked myself, what will you do for these people and be specific ,and he actually did attempt to get specific and the “useful idiots” clapped and cheered at all the right times. “Now I know that some of you might be thinking, well that all sounds good, but when are we going to see any of that here in Elkhart? What does all that mean for our families and our community? Those are exactly the kind of questions you should be asking of your President and your government, and today, I want to provide some answers – and I want to be as specific as I can.  First, this plan will provide for extended unemployment insurance, health care and other assistance for workers and families who have lost their jobs in this recession.  (Translation:  I’m giving you more welfare, isn’t that great!) That will mean an additional $100 per month in unemployment benefits to more than 450,000 Indiana workers, extended unemployment benefits for another 89,000 folks who’ve been laid off and can’t find work, and job training assistance to help more than 51,000 people here get back on their feet.  That is not only our moral responsibility – to lend a helping hand to our fellow Americans in times of emergency – but it also makes good economic sense. If you don’t have money, you can’t spend it. And if people don’t spend, our economy will continue to decline.  (I’m pretty sure unemployment insurance pays these people just enough to be above poverty – what can they possibly go out and do that stimulates the economy?  Do groceries really count?) For that same reason, the plan includes badly needed tax relief for middle class workers and families. (He does realize that the people he is trying to appeal to here, don’t pay taxes if they are not working?) The middle class is under siege, and we need to give you more of the money you’ve earned, (the government needs to GIVE us our money?!  How about wording it properly, the American people need to keep more of their money.  As a side note, I heard a woman today on C-SPAN say that when we pay our taxes we shouldn’t call that our money anymore because now it is the government’s – another useful idiot) so you can spend it and pay your bills. Under our plan, individuals get $500 – families, $1,000 – providing relief for nearly 2.5 million workers and their families here in Indiana.  The plan will also provide a partially refundable $2,500 per-student tax credit (what the hell does partially refundable tax credit mean?) to help 76,000 Hoosier families send their kids to college. This will benefit your household budgets in the short run, and will benefit America in the long run.”

“That’s why, between the investments our plan makes – and the tax relief for small businesses it provides – we’ll create or save nearly 80,000 badly needed jobs for Indiana in the next two years. Now, you may have heard some of the critics of our plan saying that it would create mostly government jobs. That’s simply not true. More than 90 percent of these jobs will be in the private sector. More than 90 percent.”  Government creates private sector jobs?  And I hope these idiots who gave a rousing applause for unemployment insurance noticed that Obama said 80,000 jobs for Indiana.  There is no guarantee that Elkhart will see any of those.

“Investing in clean alternative sources of energy and the electric grid we need to transport it from coast to coast, helping make Indiana an energy-producing state, not just an energy-consuming state. Weatherizing homes across this state, and installing state of the art equipment to help you control your energy costs.”  He means, to help the government control your energy costs – Smart Grid.

“Building new high-speed broadband lines, reaching schools and small businesses in rural Indiana so they can connect and compete with their counterparts in any city in any country in the world.”  I thought broadband was out of the Senate’s version.

 “I can tell you with complete confidence that endless delay or paralysis in Washington in the face of this crisis will bring only deepening disaster.”  I’m praying for this for the first time in my life – delay, delay, delay…

Then the president let the people ask him questions and most fawned over him.  Some questions turned out to very good even though they came from a liberal bias because we are all asking the same questions.  One guy seemed to wonder if he would get a check in his mailbox to help with the mortgage.  A little boy asked about schools and Obama said we were going to re-train teachers in the areas of science and math.  That sounds like stimulus.  How much will that cost us?  Another answer on a healthcare question was about the computerized medical information. 

Do these “useful idiots” realize that today the president basically told them that they will be provided with more welfare to keep them on the rolls, they are going to, maybe, get a new overpass in town but that is it on a local level, their homes will be re-wired to function in a totalitarian environmentally ruled government and that their medical records will be public and be used to decide who will receive universal healthcare treatment and drugs?


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