Democrats And The President Live It Up At Kingsmill Retreats

I could have sworn that the president was decrying Wall Street fat cats for their big spending and executive bonuses while receiving money from the American people in bailouts.  I must have been mistaken because surely at a time in this country that we have not “seen since the Great Depression” and with the country in the middle of a recession that we may “never recover from”, the government would not go to some lavish spa on taxpayer dime?!  But that is just what they are doing.  They were wining and dining and congratulating themselves last night in Williamsburg at Kingsmill Retreats.  You see everything is permissible for government.

Gateway Pundit live blogged the speech that President Obama gave last night and here are some of the excerpts:

“He just congratulated the liberal House for creating and passing the most massive spending bill in American history filled from top to bottom with pork for every Left Wing organization that helped get them get elected.

Obama just said the scale and scope of the bill is just right.
He also just excused the pork in the bill.
Obama says the point of a stimulus bill is ‘to spend.’
That’s what a stimulus bill is supposed to do- spend.”

Obama called Nancy Pelosi a “rock” – gag me!  He reminded the Democrats that the people are watching and that we did not send them there to get bogged down.  What!?  I sure the hell did not send them there.  Why do they need an expensive retreat to get the stimulus passed?  To demonstrate how well they can irresponsibly spend money?  And of course, he claims there is not one earmark in this bohemoth.  What a liar!

Sure glad they are living it up while I work to actually pay my taxes.


2 responses to “Democrats And The President Live It Up At Kingsmill Retreats

  1. Have you guys admitted yet that you had your chance over the past eight years, and you failed, miserably? And that if most of us had our way, you Republicans would be as far away from domestic policy and the economy as physically possible?

    • I’ll admit that when you guys admit that Democrats had the Congress for the last two years. And with President Obama in office for less than three weeks, things sure are not looking rosy. Tax cheats everywhere, cabinet members who are lobbyists, and a pork engourged non-stimulus bill that Americans do not support and that is having a heck of time getting passed. Sure is working out great there for you guys. And I don’t doubt that liberals want us away from the economy so they can spend freely without any checks or balances. I know Obama would love to be Dictator-for-Life.

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