I Request That My Fearless Leader Audit Everyone In His Administration

As the confirmation process rolls on, more and more of Obama’s nominees for cabinet positions appear to be tax cheats.  No wonder we have a deficit.  No wonder they want to jack up our share of taxes.  This would be hilarious if it was not so serious.  The light shining into the tax history of these left wing Democrats reveals a deep elitist immorality.  They want more taxes from us the little people, but will not pay their own.  They must be above that.  The reason this is immoral is because these are not mistakes that these elitist lefties have committed.  They have purposefully not paid all the taxes they owe. 

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner knew that he owed taxes and was even given the money to pay them from the IMF.  Tom Daschle knew as early as this summer that he owed taxes and yet did not pay them until he was nominated.  Rumor has it that he bowed out because there were more tax problems that he did not want found out.  Nancy Kilfner who was slated to be the Chief Compliance Officer bowed out over tax problems.  And now today we have another one.  Last night during my radio program I mentioned that the Labor Secretary had some kind of issue and that I was not sure what it was but that I bet it was tax related.  I was kidding, but it turns out I was right.   USA Today has reported that “Solis’ husband paid about $6,400 on Wednesday to settle tax liens that had been outstanding for as long as 16 years against his business.”   White House Main Moron  Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the nomination of Solis is not in trouble, and he added that Solis should not be held responsible for her husband’s tax issues.  That’s the left for you – no responsibility.  It is believed the taxes were paid because of the nomination of Solis.

Imagine if President Obama had not nominated these people.  Would any of them have paid the taxes they owed?  And now one has to cast an eye towards non-cabinet positions in the Obama Administration.  How many of them are tax cheats?  I request that the president follow his promise of openness and transparency and run an audit of everyone including himself.  He’ll never do that because he most probably has problems himself.  He has gotten lots of sweet deals in his time as well.  For instance, that big Illinois house of his is not even in his name but in a lawyer friend’s name.  Might be some tax issues there to uncover.


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