President Obama’s IQ Is Showing

Obama using window as door.

Obama using window as door.

For eight years I had to listen to the left demean President Bush and call him stupid and what-not, so now it’s our turn.  Particularly when President Obama does something that actually is really stupid.  I know he thinks we can spend our way out of debt and that the biting and deadly cold blanketing the country and killing people is really because the earth is warming up, but can’t he tell the difference between a window and a door?


8 responses to “President Obama’s IQ Is Showing

  1. i think it is sad that no matter what obama is trying to do there will always be people pulling him down.No one talks about GWBush having 8 years as president and leaving so many problems for obama to solve- he has only been president for less than 2 weeks one says anything that gwb took the us into iraq ,made one mess after another remember katrina, remember the economy etc – give obama a break.

    • Have you been smoking crack Norah. The entire media has beat up Bush for years and everyone is blaming everything on Bush including Obama himself without looking at the Dems who controlled Congress for the last two years. Time will tell – talk to me in 4 years and we’ll see where we are at with Dems in full control.

  2. I really admire america – it is a great country but somehow the message of its greatness has got lost in the translation of it.I am not a left or a right but simply someone who just wonders why no one talks about people like mccain,palin,lieberman,bush,condi rice etc and dick cheney – what about them being there to serve the country instead of leaving a mess behind.It is so easy to find fault and call people names but dont forget that barack obama was elected by more than 50% of the people so he must have done something right.I think I would not have bothered but clearly he wants to do something for the country so give him a chance.Find fault with his policies but why harp on his personality etc

    • Yes, Obama did something right – he bamboozled the public by presenting an image that everyone would embrace. Well, not everyone – remember that in your analysis 50% wanted him, that means 50% didn’t. And we do jump on the Repubs too. “We” meaning conservatives. Read my blog and find out I go after McCain and readily admit I voted for his ticket, but not him. I called President Bush King George at times. Conservatives are the most fair minded people because they have common sense.

  3. Obama is not a problem solver you leftist idiots..he BOUGHT the white house for 1 BILLION dollars..when people are starving in africa this man and his egomaniac supporters bought and stole the election. No matter what you lefists say..this man is THE MOST INEXPERIENCED idiot ever to have bought an election! You will reap what you have sown….and unfortunately we must ALL suffer as that is the socialist marxist way! That is unless you are one of the ELITIST SOCIALIST MARXIST LIBERALS…

    • J – his inexperience is really showing in the way he has handled this porkulus bill. He sounds like a child stomping his feet and declaring, “I won.” He forgets that everybody in Congress has won an election as well.

  4. God, please take control of Barack Obama’s IQ and allow him to do what you would have him do for our country and all of our people. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

  5. One more thing, Jesus is coming soon. Let us put our trust, hope, and joy in Jesus and not our wallets (economy). Real change, real hope, and real answers can only be found in our Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ. God bless you, all them politicians, Pres. Obama and God bless America. I trust God and encourage all of you to do the same.

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