President Obama Wants No Profits For Businesses

President Obama’s assault on capitalism continues.  The liberals continuously blame all the country’s woes on business without ever pointing the finger back at themselves.  Now I guess we are suppose to expect the economy will bounce back without business?  Yesterday, the president had a press conference with Treasury Secretary Geithner by his side and criticized Wall Street calling their behavior “the height of irresponsibility” because they had paid out more than $18 billion in bonuses last year.  You see, even if you have a contract that states you will receive a performance bonus and you earn it, you should not be paid it because your business had to seek a bailout.

Obama continued by claiming, “It is shameful.  And part of what we’re going to need is for the folks on Wall Street who are asking for help to show some restraint, and show some discipline, and show some sense of responsibility.”  If Wall Street has a contract, isn’t it responsible to honor that contract?  While I agree that it is difficult to hear about bonuses being paid out after my tax money has been used, this is the way business is run.  Incentives are used to raise performance in all areas of life.  It is a fact.

But even more troubling were these comments from the president which has me questioning his IQ and desire to bring America out of this recession, “There will be time for them to make profits, and there will be time for them to get bonuses.  Now is not that time.”  If now is not a time for bonuses when is the time!  Who is going to go into business without the chance of making a profit?  I’m sorry, but Obama has got to be an idiot to make a comment like that.  If no company in this country made a profit they would either all leave or go out of business and then that leaves us where?

President Obama is bad for business!  And I haven’t even discussed the labor handouts he offered this week in his newly signed executive orders.  He said during those signings that “I do not view the labor movement as part of the problem.  To me, it’s part of the solution.”  Tell that to the car companies.  We all know this is payback for the unions’ efforts to get him elected.  You should have seen the crap we had sent to our house from the union my partner is in through Disney.  There was no doubt that the union expected their members to vote for Obama.

I know I keep saying this, but it is going to be a long four years and we’re only two weeks into this thing.


11 responses to “President Obama Wants No Profits For Businesses

  1. Maybe next time you will not follow a “conservative” like Rush Limbaugh that is a 3 times divorced drug addict and single “Christian” Viagra user. What did you expect ? The conservative movement has zero credibility and dead if you haven’t noticed.

    • The conservative movement is not dead and that is why Obama has been trying to get the republicans on board with him because his plans will be an utter failure and he needs them to go down with him. Unfortunately for him, the conservatives will rise up out of the ashes and bring this country back to its founding principles. If conservatism is dead, then so is the Constitution.

  2. Don’t look to Rush Limbaugh for help. He got a college draft deferment during the Vietnam War. When he flunked out of college he got a medical deferment 4-F saying he was unfit for duty because he had a boil on his butt. A true patriot and leader for the conservative movement. The Democrats don’t really need or want any Republican support. That might help the Republicans out in the mid-term elections in 2010 if people saw them as trying to help.

    • You make no sense – of course they want Republican support or they wouldn’t be wining and dining them and having a fit that they stuck together in the house and voted against the pork bill. I don’t want Republicans helping Democrats move America towards Marxism.

  3. Some people have made the greatest mistake of their lives by voting for Obama.

    REMEMBER THIS: In 4 years, we’ll be worse than we’re now, and those who voted for him are going to be sorry they did.

    But people never learn

    • Richard – all they have to do is observe history to know what route to take, but the libs and Obama are not trying to save America. It is apparent in everything they have done in just 2 weeks – 2 WEEKS!. The stimulus is nothing but the dems throwing all their long held desires into one package so that this “ooportunity is not wasted” at least according to Rahm Emanuel. We’ll see if people are awake in four years or if they put this Marxist in again. He most definately is all about change – the change we feared!

  4. If you are worried about the new administration going after the rich and corporations then you have a lot to fear. Tax cuts for the rich and corporations don’t work. That has been proven over the past 8 years. The corporations and the rich used the extra capital to invest in corporations that sent our manufacturing jobs overseas and invested in emerging markets like Russia and China. Now its time to invest in America and its workers. There is a new game in town and it doesn’t include the so-called conservatives.

    • Tax cuts don’t work? Where’s your proof? You said the past 8 years prove that without mentioning that Bush came in with a recession to fix from Clinton, 9/11 that took a toll on the economy and the housing bubble created by the Democrats, liberal activists and irresponsible people. I’m not a huge fan of the President Bush of the last 4 years myself because he went down the road of socialism. Conservativism worked great under Reagan, but we haven’t seen conservativism in the government since then. But it will make a comeback once the sheeple wake up and realize where the liberals, Democrats and weak kneed Republicans have taken this country. Tell Obama to cut corporate taxes and capital gain taxes and watch the businesses come running back to America.

  5. 4 years from now Republicans will definitely be worse off than they are now. In fact you can expect another bloodbath in the 2010 mid term elections.

  6. Tax cuts have always worked, and and tax increases rarely help unless targeted and even then not always.

    The comment of ‘this is not the time for profits’… .is pure socialism…

    Because, if this isnt the time for profit,then there is no reason for the business to be in existance.

    Bonus’s (excessses), and excesss profit – yes ..
    But thats not what Obama said.

    We already know from reading his past work that he is a socialist in philisophy and will likely try to push additional ways to push us into real socialism.

    Real socialism is when the gov owns the business and thats beginning.

  7. Tax increases are failing too in the sense that as more taxes increases the more business’s that leave usa…

    Note, that the $1/day of china is not the only place they go.

    They also go to EU countries & even other democracys.

    Btw, some of those pay nearly as we as we get here, per their taxes not being as bad in some cases..

    I know of 4 companies leaving this year myself, 1 of which is moving to England, 1 to Germany, 3rd to Japan, 4th to Ireland.

    Point being its not just labor but taxes that are forcing our companies to move jobs over, but now the whole company.

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