Propaganda Commercials Use Rush Limbaugh To Drum Up Socialism Support

Today a group calling itself Americans United for Change (how original) started airing radio ads hoping to drive a wedge between Rush Limbaugh and Republicans.  These ads are running in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Nevada.  The ads start by pulling something Rush said completely out of context and playing a soundbite in which we only hear Rush say that he hopes Obama fails.  The actual connotation of the quote was that Rush hoped Obama’s  plans fail that are pushing socialism.  I completely understood what Rush said when I heard it for the first time myself and I agreed.  I have criticized both Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck in the past for making statements that they hope Obama is successful – period.  I wanted them to define success thoroughly before making such blanket statements.  Indeed I want the country to recover, but not if that means we become socialist.

The ad continues with a narrator saying, “Every Republican member of the house chose to take Rush’s advice.  Every Republican voted with Limbaugh and against creating 4 million new American jobs.  We can understand why an extreme partisan like Rush Limbaugh wants President Obama’s job program to fail, but the members of Congress elected to represent the citizens in their districts?  That’s another matter.  Now the Obama plan goes to the Senate and the question is:  Will our Senator (either George Vornovich from Ohio, Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania or John Ensign from Nevada) side with Rush Limbaugh too?”

1.  Rush Limbaugh is not an extreme partisan.  He is conservative and goes after the Republicans when they do not follow the conservative way.

2.  Now the Recovery Pork-Engourged Non-Stimulus Bill is Obama’s Jobs Program?! 

3.  Now we are just creating 4 million jobs again.  I thought it was create or save and then the number was 2 million, no wait 2.5 million, no wait 3 million, no wait 4 million…

4.  Fairness Doctrine here we come – shut that Rush Limbaugh up.

When Woodrow Wilson was president he moved this country the closest to Marxism that it had ever come.  One of his stategies was implementing a propaganda team that drummed up support around the country for Wilson’s ideas and administration and who took care of arresting and beating dissenters.  A chill wind is blowing…history repeats itself.


5 responses to “Propaganda Commercials Use Rush Limbaugh To Drum Up Socialism Support

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  2. There already is a wedge between Rush Limbaugh and the Republicans. Rush has been trashing them for over a year. But go ahead and listen to a 3 times divorced drug addict if you wish. Maybe you should actually have a conservative leader if you want conservatism to grow. Rush is just a garden variety huckster.

    • Stophate, you missed the point. Rush is not who I consider to be the leader of the conservative movement. We have lots of leaders and I applaud Rush for not toeing the Republican line when they were wrong. My point is that there is a propaganda machine on the move. Rush is just one they are going after, but he is the most prominent one right now. There will be more and Obama has gone after Sean Hannity pretty heavily in the past. The Fairness Doctrine is coming and he wants to drum up support for it.

  3. If this doesn’t make you want to fly to Washington and slap your legislator, nothing ever will. Congress gives itself a $93,000 raise to stimulate the economy. It must be nice to have that kind of extra petty cash laying around. Instead of tightening your belt in this recession, wouldn’t you like an extra $90,000? Never mind the record deficits. Never mind that ordinary Americans are struggling to pay their bills. Our Congress thinks it is far more important to be able to dole out perks to itself.

  4. Redneck,
    Its now a $93,000 raise. Its $93,000 in petty cash. How about the truth every now and then. Let me know when the Republicans refuse this money for office expenses that has to be accounted for to the penny. Now back to your UFO stories.

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