World Leaders Meet In Switzerland For Economic Forum

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum is on and many of the world’s leaders are there, except for our president.  The meetings are closed door, as always, so who knows what plans are being laid.  The report for the first days business is this, “Participants at the opening session of the Annual Meeting 2009 agreed that the global crisis, as well as holding great risks for the world economy, may genuinely have political consequences. ‘Has the reputation of the US suffered outside of its shores?’ asked Michael Elliot, Editor, Time International. In response the panel warned of increasing protectionism and the failure of the multilateral approach. ‘Our job as policy makers is to take the anaemic growth of 2009 and turn it into a building block of higher growth in the future, and this will require major reform,’ said Stephen Roach, Chairman, Asia, Morgan Stanley.”

I thought they were suppose to discuss economics, not the reputation of the United States.  Keep an eye on this.  You can follow updates at the official site here.


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