House Passes Pork Engourged Recovery Stimulus Bill

This really isn’t breaking news.  There was no doubt that this earmarked to the hilt bill would pass through the house with no problem.  The breaking news for me is that no Republicans voted for the bill.  I really am very proud of them for not just flapping their gums, but actually following through.  Earlier in the afternoon the Democrats defeated a Republican alternative bill that would have halved the cost of this bill.  There were also eleven Democrats that voted against the bill and I intend to find out their names and thank them for not marching along the party line.  The Huffington Post is decrying the GOP for “toeing the party line” by voting against this bill.  What morons!  How about the fact that the GOP doesn’t want their names on this thing when it goes up in flames – the flames of failure.

President Obama had this comment after the house voted, “This recovery plan will save or create more than three million new jobs over the next few years.”  Two things to point out, one is that this doesn’t sound like immediate relief if he claims these jobs will come about over the “next few years” and the second is how he is still clinging to this “save or create” bullcrap.  The House’s GOA doesn’t see this thing creating that many jobs.  And less than 20% of this package will make it into the economy in 2009.

The most horrific news I heard today in regards to this bill was the latest Gallup poll in regards to it.  Now I don’t give polls much credence, but 52% of Americans supposedly wanted this bull to pass with only 37% being against it like myself.  What a sad state of affairs for our country.  Have we really become this pathetic?


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