Shocking News: NBC’s Parent Company GE Faltering

Oh, am I being irreverent again?  I abhor the left wing agenda of NBC, MSNBC, GE and Universal.  (No, I don’t dislike Universal because I’m a Disney nut, but when you can go to the Magic Kingdom why go to the ghetto?)  The Associated Press is reporting that the General Electric Co. posted a 46% drop in quarterly earnings.  The main issue is it’s failing finance business, GE Capital.  Last year was a difficult year for one of the world’s largest companies that is spread out in many different sectors of business ranging from light bulbs to News stations and even jet engines.  The company declared plans to both defend its top “AAA” credit rating and pay its $1.24 dividend.  GE’s shares fell 4.5% in trading on Friday.  

Sounds like they need a bailout…oh wait, here is what the AP reported, “GE Capital has joined federal programs designed to help lenders raise cash and the company expects its credit losses from bad loans to rise to $9 billion this year.”  Joined federal programs?  That sounds strangely like they were part of the bailout doesn’t it?

GE might be faltering because of bad loans they made in their credit business, but GE has made some other horrific decisions that I think affect the company as well.  They just aren’t talking about it.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.  That would be GE CEO Jeff Immelt.  This guy is an idiot.  I was flipping channels last Monday and ended up getting stuck on MSNBC (I know, when I could have been watching “The View”…)  Jeff Immelt was on Morning Joe being interviewed and everyone was giddy with Obama Fever.  Immelt referred to America as a company and said something along the lines that this was going to be an era for a new company in which energy and infrastructure are the answers to our woes.  STOP LAUGHING!  I really was rather shocked that this came from a man who stands to gain from government tyranny telling us which light bulbs we can use (those energy efficient ones are so inexpensive *gag*) and from a stimulus package that is planning on changing out all the old light bulbs in government buildings.  Wonder who is getting the contract to supply them?  Hmm…I hope some reporter can get on that.

Jeff ImbecileImmelt also had this chunk of wisdom to share, “Capitalism is the old playbook.”  My God, if that did not rocket the stock price down I do not know what will.  He is a friggin’ corporation which makes it’s money from CAPITALISM!!!!!  Sorry, I need to take a deep breathe.  Thinking puppy dogs and rainbows…Oh crap, now I’m thinking about what people are thinking Obama the Great is bringing to America.

Wonder if Immelt, who has been capitalizing on this whole “green” thing with “Green Weeks” and “green theming”, noticed the 575 million pounds of CO2 the Inauguration created?  And how about that trash everywhere?  If you saw the picture I posted a couple of days ago I’m sure you noticed that recyclable bottle in the foreground.  Oh those greenies are just so responsible.

I’ll tell you Mr. Immelt, your business is going to continue to spiral down as more Americans realize that you are just spoon feeding them leftist agendas across your news rooms and as they catch wind of your bullcrap expect some boycotting – I already don’t purchase anything with the GE stamp myself.  Oh wait, boycotting doesn’t work since capitalism is the “old playbook”, right?


2 responses to “Shocking News: NBC’s Parent Company GE Faltering

  1. GE is one of the companies that will profit hugely if they can just get a cap-and-trade scheme passed. You didn’t think the green bit had anything to do with saving the planet did you? A cap-and-trade deal would save the company.

    There was a time when American companies cared about the country, as did the big unions. Long gone.

  2. I hate the new light bulbs, too. I hate them even more because the government is pushing them on us. (Plus, they just don’t do a thing for my complexion.)

    “Wonder who is getting the contract to supply them? Hmm…I hope some reporter can get on that.”

    Don’t count on it!

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