President Obama Makes His Next Big Move – Protecting Slaughter Of Unborn.

I predicted this would happen folks – Obama has lifted the veil of  “centrist” and revealed that he is still very much the leftist he has always been.  That is why I was unimpressed with his farcical Inauguration Address.  I have seen the soul of this man and it is dark – why beat around the bush about it anymore.  A man who protects infanticide most certainly will protect killing the unborn and that is just what he did today.  And it was not done in the light of day.  Despite the circus like atmosphere of the past two Executive Order signing ceremonies, this one today was done without being documented by the media.

President Obama ended the Bush administration’s ban on giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions.  It was nicknamed the “Mexico City Policy”.  Obama also is expected to restore funding to the UN’s Population Fund which reportedly supports China’s female baby slaughter family planning policy of abortions and sterilization.  Bush had refused to support the fund for that reason.  And also look for President Obama to sign some kind of funding for embryonic stem cell research.

There you go – our tax dollars at work.  We’re in a financial crisis, but let’s make sure we send our money overseas for the all important work of slaughtering the unborn.  The Marxist awakens!  We cannot mention prayer in schools even in reference to moments of silence and now we are following this path.  Does anyone believe that God will continue to shine on America?


One response to “President Obama Makes His Next Big Move – Protecting Slaughter Of Unborn.

  1. In addition Obama is now chipping away at the freedom of the press, biting the hands of the media which got him elected.

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