President Obama’s First Moves – Destroy America’s Security And Reveal That He Is A Puppet

President Barack Obama wasted no time today in standing by his leftist promises to his progressive disciples by issuing three executive orders today, one of which calls for the closing of Gitmo within a year.  Watching the video of the signing ceremony was eye opening not only because I watched the man who’s main job is to keep America safe throw that responsibility overboard, but because he was revealed as the puppet that I believed him to be.  President Obama was all about image during his entire campaign and I always had this feeling that I needed to look for the man behind the curtain.  Well, there is most definately more than just one man behind the curtain, but the puppeteer today was White House Counsel Greg Craig.  Obama glanced in Craig’s direction throughout the photo-op/press conference as he spoke haltingly and asked Craig about two different Executive Orders and what they entailed revealing that he had not actually read them.  So let me get this straight, they bring over the paperwork and just tell him to sign here and here and he does?

Obama said that the United States does not have “to continue with a false choice between our safety and our ideals.”  He just did.  Before Obama signed these orders he earlier called for a suspension of the war crime trials at Gitmo for 120 days enraging 9/11 families.  The president also said he was issuing the orders to “restore the standards of due process and the core constitutional values that have made this country great even in the midst of war, even in dealing with terrorism.”  These freaking terrorists do not have Constitutional rights!!!  They can rot in prison for all I care.

A second Executive Order bans torture and requires that terror interrogations be guided by the Army field manual.  President Obama said that we can “still effectively obtain the intelligence we need.”  Really?  How?  By giving them teddy bears and telling them we like them?!  No terror prison, bring the terrorists on to our soil and no torture – even acts which I don’t consider torture like waterboarding and sleep deprivation – and we’re suppose to be secure?!  This is where we were before 9/11.  Well folks, I predicted by summer we will be attacked and now there is no stopping them.

A third executive order establishes an interagency task force that will review individual cases of terrorists and lead a systematic review of detention policies and procedures.  That task force will also provide Obama with “information in terms of how we are able to deal (with) the disposition of some of the detainees that may be currently in Guantanamo that we cannot transfer to other countries, who could pose a serious danger to the United States.”  Umm…he does realize that 85% of prisoners we let go from Gitmo are back out being terrorists again, right?

Of course John McCain and Lindsey Graham kissed up to Obama and commended him for these moves, but some Republicans remember that they have an image to restore.  Michigan GOP Rep. Peter Hoekstra said, “We cannot risk going back to the politically correct national security policies that left us vulnerable in the lead-up to 9/11.  Without a clear plan for the detention and interrogation of captured terrorists and combatants, we are unnecessarily risking the safety of our nation.”

Well, our enemies were already burning President Obama’s image in effigy right before the Inauguration, so let’s see if this changes things.  I’m sure the world will love the politically correct America now.  Let me leave you with this:


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