Liberal Bonehead Comment Of The Day

When I think that the left now has control of the media and the government I get that tingly, warm feeling down my leg like Chris Matthews gets when thinking of Obama.  Then I realize I’ve wet myself.  Now some may think that is because such a thought scares the pee out of me.  But it is actually because I’m laughing so hard at the sheer ignorance of those on the left.  Not only do they lack common sense and intellectual honesty, but they are clueless about American history and government.  Today I heard one of the most boneheaded comments come out of the mouth of a “democratic strategist” on Fox & Friends this morning.  I cannot remember the name of the woman defending the right, but the liberal bonehead was Mary Anne Marsh.  They were discussing the upcoming Coronation Inauguration of Obama and Marsh started one of her comments by saying, “America is the best democracy on the planet…”  And this is the problem with the left and most Americans.  Absolutely clueless that America is a republic even though they recite the Pledge of Allegiance often.  That is why it is so easy for them to embrace socialism.  They’ve forgotten who we are.


4 responses to “Liberal Bonehead Comment Of The Day

  1. Democracies and Republics are not mutually exclusive. While it’s true we are not a direct democracy, and it is the indirect nature of our representation that renders this country a Republic, we nonetheless democratically elect our representatives. It’s not incorrect to say we are a democracy. That’s what’s wrong with so much of the right wing crazies these days: they get all their info from talk radio hosts with zero education.

    • Actually you prove what is wrong with Americans who do not educate themselves. A Republic and a Democracy are two different forms of government, regardless of how elections are conducted otherwise we would be called a Democracy with some Republic-type tendancies. I get my information from books not just what I hear on the radio. For those who would like more information, here is an article:

  2. That’s not an article you’ve cited but a manifesto by someone who demonstrates about as simplistic a knowledge of two very complex and overlapping concepts as you do. If one really wants to read more about this subject, how about reading the Federalist, which Gary McLeod (whoever the hell he is) cites rather selectively and clearly without having read much more than the limited passages he cites. Also, why not take a look at some Tocqueville? Or for that matter, take a look at the Greek origins of the words we’re talking about here. Do some actual research. Approach what you find with a mind towards actually understanding, rather than propping up your pre-conceived notions. Form an opinion that does not flow from the kind of uninformed idealogue you link to above.

    • Well, as a dimwitted Constitution-loving American I guess I will just have to let you win because obviously the fact that Benjamin Franklin called America a Republic and that the Constitution doesn’t mention Democracy once doesn’t really matter when it comes to such a complex concept. I sure am glad the elitist left is in charge so they can save America from true patriotic uninformed idealogues like me.

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