Pay Attention To Susan Rice As U.N. Ambassador

Yesterday, the confirmation hearing for President-elect Obama’s nominee for U.N. Ambassador, Susan Rice, was held.  I have touched on Susan Rice before in a prior blog when she was just an advisor to Barack Obama and pointed out that she was not only a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, but an officer there as well.  Listening to her words before the Senate Committee was quite eye opening into the psyche of this woman and the direction in which she and Obama plan to take this country in regards to our relationship with the United Nations and the world in general.  The future is bleak.  I have highlighted and then commented in blue various sound-bites from her testimony below.  Before I do that, let me emphasize that I think the U.N. should have been thrown off American soil a long time ago and that we should have pulled our membership and our money before even that.  The U.N. is an evil organization that has only made the world a dangerous place to live and gotten fat off the backs of poverty stricken nations.

“I grew up trick-or-treating for UNICEF – a tradition my children continue today. The concept is simple and powerful – children the world over helping other children. UNICEF and the UN embodied to me then, as it does still today, our shared responsibility to one another as human beings and our collective potential and obligation, to forge a more secure, more just and more prosperous future. ”  So the UN forges security when they ignore Darfur and Sudan and the mass slaughters there?  Or how about the African women who have been raped by UN peacekeepers?  And prosperity – ha ha – more money in the pockets of the Ambassadors perhaps.  And what about that Oil for Food thing…

“Finally, we learned that mismanagement and corruption can taint the dedicated work of skilled professionals, and that the reprehensible actions of a few can undermine the goodwill of many towards an institution, which most Americans nonetheless continue to support.”  Which Americans support the UN?  I don’t know any.  At least she pointed out the ineptness of the organization, thus I believe it should be dismantled.

“If I am confirmed, I will work to promote and implement President-elect Obama’s commitment to ‘strengthening our common security by investing in our common humanity.'”  Reminds me of the “Citizens of the world, I am your king” speech from Berlin this past summer.  Okay, okay so he just said he was a “citizen of the world”.

“The goal of our diplomacy at the United Nations must be to make it a more perfect forum to address the most pressing global challenges: to promote peace, to support democracy, and to strengthen respect for human rights.”  That is not our job and none of our business.  Where is nation building in the Constitution?  I’m sick to death of tax payer money being spent around the world.  That is not the government’s job.  That is why we have charities and they do far more good then the UN or our government ever could.  It’s the churches building homes and the Red Cross helping in disasters in impoverished countries.

“The Obama Administration will work to maximize common interests and build international support to share the burdens of collective action to counter the most pressing threats Americans face, while working to help tackle the poverty, oppression, hunger, disease, fear and war that threaten billions around the world every day.”  Excuse me, could I ask Ms. Rice a question?  With what freakin’ money????  Again, this is not our job as taxpayers and we have been sending billions around the world for years and years and yet they all hate us anyway.  This will not re-make our image in the world!

“The United Nations is also at the center of global efforts to address climate change, prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, stabilize weak and failing states, prevent and resolve conflict, reduce poverty, combat HIV/AIDS and halt the spread of other infectious disease, assist and resettle refugees and the internally displaced, feed the hungry and promote food security, and confront genocide and crimes against humanity.”  Climate change policies are specifically meant to cripple America and global warming is a farce, the UN has never resolved a conflict and they can keep their hands off our nukes!  And it is America that has created the HIV/AIDS drugs and that has spent so much money in Africa on this cause – not the UN.

“Second, the Obama Administration will provide strong leadership to address climate change and welcomes the UN Secretary-General’s strong interest in this issue. Under President-elect Obama, the United States will engage vigorously in UN-sponsored climate negotiations while we pursue progress in sub-global, regional and bilateral settings. To tackle global warming, all major emitting nations must be part of the solution, and rapidly developing economies, such as China and India, must join in making and meeting their own binding and meaningful commitments. We must help the most vulnerable countries adapt to climate change and seize opportunities to accelerate their development by investing in supplying renewable energy and participating in emissions trading mechanisms.”  Would that be a new Kyoto treaty?  There’s a reason we did not sign the first one and we must be no part of future treaties.  As a matter of fact, any treaties we sign are unConstitutional.

“Third, preventing the spread and use of nuclear weapons is an enormous security challenge that deserves top level attention… There is no more urgent threat to the United States than a terrorist with a nuclear weapon. Nuclear weapons materials are stored in dozens of countries, some without proper security. Nuclear technology is spreading. Iran continues its illicit nuclear program unabated, and North Korea’s nuclear weapon’s program is destabilizing to the region and an urgent proliferation concern. President-elect Obama will work on multiple levels to address these dangers. It is essential to strengthen the global nonproliferation and disarmament regime, dealing with those states in violation of this regime, and upholding our obligations to work constructively and securely toward the goal of a world without nuclear weapons. The United Nations plays a significant role in this regime, particularly through the Review Conferences held every five years under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. The next Review Conference in 2010 is an opportunity to strengthen all nations’ adherence to the global non-proliferation regime for the 21st century. Our objective for the 2009 Preparatory Committee is to lay the groundwork for a successful Review Conference in 2010 – one that advances the world’s nonproliferation and disarmament regime and decreases the chance that nuclear weapons will end up in the hands of terrorists.”  She does realize that we are one of those countries not adhering to the non-proliferation regime, right?  She realizes we did not sign that treaty?  We’re sitting ducks with these “quacks” getting ready to run the country.  TERRORISTS WILL BE THE ONLY ONES WITH NUKES!  It is like the gun rights debate, only the criminals will have them if you throw away the right to a gun.

“Fourth, President-elect Obama has called for us to ‘invest in our common humanity.'”  I know I sound like a broken record, but with what money?  “The Obama Administration is also committed to supporting broad-based and sustainable economic development, including making the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) America’s goals.”  Well, my goal is to keep America a Republic and keep the Constitution alive.

 “The United States will address all these challenges unencumbered by the old divisions of the 20th century. We cannot afford to be burdened with labels such as “rich” or “poor,” “developed” or “developing,” “North” or “South,” or “the Non Aligned Movement.” In the 21st century, these false divisions rarely serve anyone’s interests. In facing challenges of the scale that lie before us, all peoples and nations should focus on what we have in common: our shared desire to live freely and securely, in health, with hope and with opportunity. Those are the interests and aspirations of the American people, and they are shared by billions around the world.”  Oh but how the liberals love to wield those labels as weapons.  Ever heard of class-warfare?  That was one of Obama’s unspoken platforms.  But I guess when your goal is to have everybody on equal footing (poverty) then you would want to get rid of labels.  And Ms. Rice obviously does not listen to the Muslim countries around the world that have no desire for freedom and security. 

“To lead from a position of strength, the United States must consistently act as a responsible, fully-engaged partner in New York. To do so, we must fulfill our financial obligations while insisting on effective accountability. In the past, our failure to pay all of our dues and to pay them on a timely basis has constrained the UN’s performance and deprived us of the ability to use our influence most effectively to promote reform. President-elect Obama believes the U.S. should pay our dues to the UN in full and on time.”  Yeah, this really doesn’t need any comment does it?

We are living in a time and soon under a leader who believes that the world should all be just one big happy family.  It never will be and as an American I believe that America comes first irregardless of what is happening in the world.  I believe in autonomy of all countries.  The only time we need to come together is for trade, which is a private matter between countries, and for defense of our allies.  We have enough non-profits here to deal with the world’s needs for food, water, etc.  The thought of this woman taking over after John Bolton makes me ill. 

I know these cabinet confirmations seem boring and pass under the radar for the most part, but we have to pay attention and be informed or tomorrow we wake up under a different flag.


One response to “Pay Attention To Susan Rice As U.N. Ambassador

  1. I think you are being too critical and fearful. At one time, I too, thought the sky was falling in.

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