Mexico And Pakistan Becoming Dangerously Instable

Despite the efforts of Mexican President Felipe Calderon to promote a positive image of Mexico, a recently released report reveals a much different story.  The U.S. Joint Forces Command which helps transform U. S. military capabilities and includes members of different military branches released a report that states, “In terms of worse-case scenarios for the Joint Force and indeed the world, two large and important states bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse:  Pakistan and Mexico.”  Mexico’s instability arises from internal assault on the government and the judicial infrastructure by gangs and drug cartels.

Just imagine if Mexico’s infrastructure falters and the drug cartels take over the country as the government.  Those wide open borders that our government has decided to keep that way would allow millions of fleeing illegal immigrants to cross over into America.  Imagine the effect that would have on our economy.  The influx would be far too overwhelming.

Then think about Pakistan’s government faltering and being over-run by Militant Islamists.  Pakistan has nuclear weapons.  Now we have a situation far worse then a few million illegals coming across our border.


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