Attorney General Nominee Eric Holder Will Weaken America

While most critics of the Eric Holder nomination for Attorney General are focusing on the passes he gave to President Clinton’s pardons of people like Mark Rich, I’m more focused on his opinions on torture and what America should do about the terrorists incarcerated down at Gitmo.  Holder broke from the Bush administration’s counterterrorism policies and said that he believes that waterboarding is torture.  He then pledged to prosecute the detainees from Gitmo in U.S. courts.  That sounds wonderful considering the costs of prosecuting these terrorists not only monetarily, but also to our safety.  Yes, let’s bring the terrorists into our country.  Particularly with the knowledge that many of the terrorists we released from Gitmo have gone right back to terrorism.  And without the use of “torture” we have no way of getting these animals to give us information that we need.  I put “torture” in quotations because I do not believe the tactics we use are torture.  Torture to me is cutting people open or lopping off body parts or whipping and so on.

This is the latest signal that President-elect Barack Obama will chart a new course in combatting terrorism and whatever that new course is (because he is vague about everything) I am positive it will weaken America.  Holder said that both he and Obama were disturbed over decisions that the Bush Adminstration had made in regards to torture.  Protesters in the gallery voiced their approval when Holder made his comments.  And if protesters approve of something the government says, then I know I better be worried.

 Holder will most definately be headed for confirmation because the Democrats love him and the Republicans did what they always do – put their tails between their legs and did not give Holder any tough questioning.   Sen. Lindsay Graham, who gives Republicans a bad name and has been kissing up to Obama, told Holder, “I’m almost ready to vote for you right now,” and said he looked forward to working with Holder in the future.  Did someone say that the Republicans are changing course?  Yeah, I’m really starting to believe that – they’re going to move even further to the left.


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