Treasury Secretary Nominee Geithner Avoids Paying Taxes

When the TARP bailout was passed, Congress made the Treasury Secretary the most powerful position in America.  President-elect Barack Obama has nominated Timothy Geithner to fill that position, but there are a few issues with Mr. Geithner.  Between the years of 2001 and 2004, Geithner worked for the International Monetary Fund.  This is a huge red flag to me.  He followed that up by working for the New York Federal Reserve.  If you follow my global economy rants then you know I despise the Federal Reserve and the IMF is just a means to take away more of America’s sovereignty.  So I already take issue with this guy…but wait…there’s more…

During those years that he worked for the IMF, he also did not pay his income taxes.  Just as Charlie Rangel played dumb, Geithner tried to gloss over the issue by claiming it is a common mistake for employees of international institutions.  Obama’s transition team made the same claim.  Geithner did pay back all the back taxes he owed along with penalties, but this man is going to be in charge of the Treasury – THE TREASURY!  And for anyone who wants to argue that this really was unintentional, then explain why he thought he could write off his child’s time at overnight camps as a dependent-care tax deduction.  He also had several other infractions that various IRS tax audits have caught.  But wait…there’s more…

Mr. Geithner also employed an immigrant housekeeper whose work permit expired while working for him and yet he kept her employed.

We have been witnessing nominee after nominee come through the process with lots of dirt on their feet.  In the past this kind of dirt never made it through the nomination process.  But Geithner will sail through and yesterday Hillary sailed through and does anyone have more dirt on their feet then her?  The Obama Administration is going to be one fat joke – only we won’t be laughing.


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