New York Rep. Jose Serrano Pushes To Repeal 22nd Amendment

For those that do not know, the 22nd Amendment is the only amendment that establishes a term limit for a federal office and that office is the presidency.  Congress passed the amendment after Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency to restrict future presidents from seeking a third term.  The failed New Deal is what I believe is the main reason.  Now New York Representative Jose Serrano is pushing to have that amendment repealed – and we all know why.  Talk about jumping the gun.  Perhaps Serrano should wait and see what kind of a first term Barack Obama gives us before he decides to make Obama Dictator-for-life.  The bill that was introduced is HJ Res 5.  It does not have a co-sponsor as of yet and let us hope it stays that way.

I do not support term limits.  I believe it is the responsibility of the voters to either re-elect or reject representatives.  But in the case of the presidency and the fraudulent voting system we have in place, I think the 22nd Amendment should stay right where it is.

On my predictions radio show a caller said he believed that Obama would be voted in for a second term as his prediction.  I expressed my opinion that I believe Obama will have even more terms and that the Constitution would be changed to provide for that.  One reason I think this is because Obama always projects the final results for all his programs to be 10 years out.  Either he doesn’t want to be in office when they fail so he cannot be blamed or he is planning to be in office past that time.  Rep. Jose Serrano obviously wants to help that to happen.


11 responses to “New York Rep. Jose Serrano Pushes To Repeal 22nd Amendment

  1. I certainly hope this bill doesn’t get any grip in Congress and dies a quick death for many reasons, including the fact that I’m not a fan of Obama (granted, I can say that about most politicians).

    My question :

    If this is only about Obama, why did Serrano introduce the same bill SIX other times as far back as January, 1997? Did he know about Obama back then?

    • I actually had not realized that he has been doing this for almost as long as he has been in office, so I assume Obama is not his only reason. There is a theory that he has presidential hopes for his son and so he has possibly been pushing this for that reason. Either way, it is not a good idea for America because changes in leadership make America stronger.

  2. You should do some research when you post this kind of things, Serrano has been pushing this proposal since 1997, actually he did it too during w. bush’s administration.

  3. Bob, try reading the comments before adding your own – Otherwise you look like an idiot.

  4. I think we must either place term limits on everyone or no one. Dubya would not been re-elected to a third term – but the leverage of an incumbent to run if they wish would prevent “Lame Duck” politicians. Basically – the last year of the Bush administration was ignored by Congress because they knew that Dubya was leaving and irrelevant. Checks and balances require everyone playing on under the same rules. Repeal the 22nd and repeal the 17th amendment and re-establish the state legislators right to elect Senators and restore the balance the founders wanted. Exempt current officeholders if you must.

  5. Term limits are an absolute must! This is particularly true because we have moved far from the power limitations of the old Republic. The federal government has far outgrown its historical limitations, with politics devolving into populist marketing campaigns in which candidates win by promising the most people the most property taken from others. Restricting presidents to two term limits is one way to at least recycle the trash we’ve come to expect running this country.

    • You know, Rob, I have always been against term limits because I figured people would police the government, but I have since changed my mind. People in this country do not pay enough attention and are not informed enough to get rid of crappy politicians. Someone said the other day that we should move to one-term term limits to keep these politicians from just continually making decisions based on what would get them the most votes and keep them in power. I agree.

  6. 99% of our “elected” officials need to be tared and feathered.
    Starting from the top down.

  7. Where did you hear/read this?

    Just want to know.

  8. You should research before you post stories like this

  9. He Serrano, how about I just kick your ignorant ass. My God, this president has done enough damage. I sure don’t want him for 12 years. By the way, how much is he paying you to push this idea?

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