Freedom’s Wings Radio Show Tonight

Don’t miss the third installment of my radio show, The Freedom’s Wings Show, tonight January 14th at 8pm EST until 9:30pm.  I’ll be talking about the coming New Global Order.  The last two shows have gone well, but they didn’t really reflect my personality very well and I intend to change that tonight now that I’m comfortable with the technology and format and what-not and yes, not quite as nervous.  I’ll be covering a brief history of the Federal Reserve and comments made both by European leaders and our leaders that lead me to believe that we are closer then ever to a one world government.  I’ll even get into a little bit of the conspiracy talk for all you tin-foilers (not sure that is a word, but I’m using it anyway).  Catch it tonight at  Or you can always listen to my shows archived, just scroll down the right side column until you see the widget.


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