Not Surprisingly, Obama’s Climate Czar Is A Socialist

Some people may be shocked to discover that Barack Obama’s nominee for “climate czar” – yet another wasteful government job Obama has created – is a card carrying socialist.  Well, perhaps not card carrying, but Carol Browner was until a couple of days ago a member of a socialist group that advocates global governance (one world government?) and believes that rich countries like the U.S. must shrink their economies to try to fix climate change.  The group’s name is Socialist International .

The transition team for Barack Obama claims that Browner’s membership in Socialist International should not be a problem and experience in policymaking was gained by Browner through the group.  Exactly what kind of policymaking is my question.  I suppose Cap and Trade, Kyoto Treaty and the like were heavily discussed policies within this organization.  Republicans are wondering if she agrees with the group’s positions on global governance and whether she supports the idea that the international community should be the ultimate arbiter of climate change policy.

This nomination only serves to underscore the fact that man-made climate change is a farce, but is being used to control the world’s population and America herself.  Throughout Obama’s economic policy, one can find point after point dealing with green energy, green jobs, effciency of government buildings and alternative energy.  His main focus to me seems to be on the climate and he will support anything to make himself appear to be Mr. Environmentalist even if it continues to destroy our economy, our freedom and most importantly, America.  Barack Obama tried to pull a fast one and I hope the Congress prevents her from being installed as Climate Czar – although the czar part does fit a socialist.


6 responses to “Not Surprisingly, Obama’s Climate Czar Is A Socialist

  1. You’re absolutely right. I posted my reaction to this yesterday:

    She’s a socialist, and the media won’t notice. Where’s Joe the Reporter when you need him?

  2. I agree, but i’m not sure how the congress can stop her appointment. That position is not a cabinet, there for does not require congressional approvial.

    • Crap! I did not realize that James. I guess I assumed he had created a new cabinet position for Climate Czar. We know they would have approved her anyway. I guess our only chance is being vocal and hoping she rejects the nomination. Fat chance!

  3. Notice the name CLIMATE czar. Even obama knows we aren’t buying the global warming BS anymore. You wouldn’t dare call her Global Warming czar, when it’s apparent that duck won’t fly anymore. Czar is completely appropriate given her political leanings.

  4. Why have you not mentioned that the Socialist International organisation Carol Browner belonged to had such distinguished members as the late Willy Brandt, former Chancellor of Germany and winner of the 1971 Nobel Peace Prize, who was president of the organisation from 1976 to 1992, Pierre Mauroy, former Prime Minister of France, served as President from 1992 to 1999, and António Guterres, former Prime Minister of Portugal, who served from 1999 to 2005.

    A meeting of the group in London in November 2007 was hosted by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Leader of the British Labour Party. Canada’s New Democratic Party is also associated with this group as well as many others from around the world. Their main goal is to fight global climate change, hardly a radical motivation.

    • David, thank you for the information, you proved my point far better than I could. And since you haven’t noticed, man made climate change is a radical movement completely unfounded scientifically.

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