They Don’t Want Peace!

I really wish the international community would come out of their dreamworld into reality and that reality is that Islamic Terrorists do not want peace.  Just as Israel goes to Egypt to work out a cease fire agreement with HAMAS, Lebanon launches three rockets into northern Israel.  Hezbollah has not claimed responsibility at the time of this writing, but is there any doubt they are responsible?  Israel is talking peace and instead of Hezbollah allowing that (which all these terrorist groups claim they are defending the Palestinians by attacking Israel) they try to open another front.  It is a sign that a broader war is desired.  It is a sign that the terrorists may be ready to drive Israel into the sea – even if the Palestinians have to die to make that happen.

And is a cease fire really possible with HAMAS?  French President Nicolas Sakozy claimed that there had been an agreement, but a senior Israeli official said, “There is an agreement on general principles, that Hamas should stop rocket fire and mustn’t rearm.  But that’s like agreeing that motherhood is a good thing. We have to transform those agreed principles into working procedures on the ground, and that’s barely begun.”  And I do not see that happening.  Even in times of “peace” Israel is hit by suicide bombers and a missile here and there.  HAMAS will never agree to closing their smuggling tunnels and actually has asked for easier access through Egypt.

The International Herald Tribune reported, “At the United Nations, several Arab delegates said Wednesday night that they thought they now had enough votes to approve a Security Council resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire. That would likely put the United States and other Western powers, which oppose a binding resolution, in the awkward position of having to veto a cease-fire.”  The United Nation’s idea of a cease fire is ordering Israel to stop.

Islamic militants want the Infidels dead and the West and Israel are the Infidels.  There will be no peace for them until we are all dead.  It is hard to believe that in a post 9/11 world, along with the thousands of other suicide bombings and attacks, that the world still thinks that there can be peace.  They (the extremists) do not want peace!


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