“Strong And Decisive” Obama Rides Again

obamaphoneReally what do we expect from a man whom based on this picture, does not know how to use a phone?  I blogged a few days ago about the poll that found that 76% of Americans think Obama will be a decisive and strong leader.  But he has proved to be anything but that the last couple of days.  Questions on where he stands in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have been brushed aside with, “There is only one President at a time” and “I don’t want to cause confusion”.  The truth is our future bonehead has no idea what to do or say.  And today he shined more light on his transparent and decisive ways by answering a reporter who asked if Obama thought Roland Burris should be seated by the Congress with this, “This is a Senate matter. But I know Roland Burris, obviously; he’s from my home state. I think he’s a fine public servant. If he gets seated then I’m going to work with Roland Burris, just like I work with all the other senators.”  The question needed a simple “yes” or “no” but Obama is incapable of making decisions.  And the only answer that a Constitutionally aware President can give is “Yes”.  But Obama does not revere the Constitution, nor will he uphold it and protect it.

The one thing that Obama is certain of though, is that we are going to be running deficits for years to come and he does not care.  God help us for what is coming.


One response to ““Strong And Decisive” Obama Rides Again

  1. God help us indeed.

    He’s not even president yet, and he has already lost his good will with “the world” that he wants to be a citizen of.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

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