So Minnesotans Decide They Want Al Franken

Although Al Franken is not the “official” winner of the Senate race in Minnesota, a specially convened state election board has certified the vote count which favors Al Franken as the winner by over 200 votes.  My what a country we live in.  A man who is a complete failure in comedy (did anybody think this guy was ever funny?) and in talk radio can cheat his way to the top in politics.  Each election cycle, I lose another chunk of trust for our election process.  Are our votes ever truly counted?  Do we ever really have a say?  And, really, how much cheating is going on?  Rumors of illegitimate voters and double counting on votes and votes being found in cars and back rooms (funny how this was rampant during just this one campaign) leave little doubt that this election in Minnesota is anything other than completely corrupt.

The fact that the count was so close that cheating could make a difference is what is really disappointing about this Senate election.  There really were this many idiots in Minnesota who think that Al Franken will serve them well in Congress?  Perhaps we should just let Canada have Minnesota – it’s not worth much to us anymore.  And they apparently would rather be socialists.  What happened to that spirit that put Libertarian Jesse Ventura in office as Governor?  My how far they have fallen.


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